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NOVEMBER 18, 2011 • ISSUE 145

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Graduate student Natasha Plamadjala


Teaching Sanskrit to her classmates


With the International Admissions team


Natasha carries the flag of Russia at MUM Flag Day

Natasha Plamadjala –
From Theory To Experience

Natasha Plamadjala is a native of Riga, Latvia, who came to MUM after earning a BA in philosophy from Ursuline College in Ohio, and an MA in religious studies from the University of Iowa. She is now working on her MA in Maharishi Vedic ScienceSM.

Natasha has always been interested in Eastern philosophies. At the University of Iowa she studied Sanskrit, and when she decided to write her research thesis on Indian astrology, her professors sent her to Fairfield. After a few visits, she realized there was something different about people here.

She learned the Transcendental Meditation® technique in fall 2009, and soon after, she attended a David Lynch Visitors Weekend. “It was a completely transformative and eye-opening experience for me,” said Natasha. “Especially the student panel. It finally all came together. It wasn’t only theory – it was something that people were living and I wanted that.”

She learned the TM-Sidhi® program during the next summer and in fall 2010 she began her studies in the part-time master’s in Maharishi Vedic Science program. For her internship, she works as an international admissions counselor at MUM and once a week she teaches Sanskrit to the students in her program.

“I know I want to teach,” Natasha said. “That’s what brings the most satisfaction to me – the feeling of sharing the knowledge and giving people something they didn’t have before.” She also wants to complete the Transcendental Meditation Teacher Training Course and teach TM® around the world.

“Natasha has an excellent scholarly background, speaking many languages,” said Tom Egenes, professor of Maharishi Vedic Science. “She recognized MUM as a place where experience matters, became a student, and should have a great career as a skilled teacher.”

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