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OCTOBER 2, 2011 • ISSUE 139

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Student Eugene Hunt


Serving as Grand Liaison Officer to the 239th Expeditionary Fighter Wing in Qatar in 2007


In a Seahawk Navy helicopter aboard the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise

Eugene Hunt — Leadership and Personal Growth

MUM student Eugene Hunt grew up in the small town of Glendale, Kentucky, not far away from Fort Knox. While studying history and political science at the University of Kentucky, Lexington, he was also participating in the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps of the U.S. Armed Forces. Upon receiving his BA degree, he started his commission as a second lieutenant in the U.S. Army, and after a brief officer training in Fort Bliss, Texas, he left for Germany.

From his bases in Europe, Eugene deployed to Israel, the Persian Gulf, and Afghanistan. From being an air defense officer, he quickly rose to the rank of first lieutenant and worked as a public affairs officer. Later, he was promoted to captain and worked as ground liaison officer with the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Navy.

After a five-year career in the Army, Eugene decided to return to graduate school at MUM. He is now completing his masters in education and currently doing his student teaching at the Ottumwa (Iowa) High School.

“I like incorporating meditation into a school program – TM definitely works for me,” said Eugene. “I have seen considerable change and a lot of personal growth in the year and a half I have been meditating. I noticed myself becoming more open, being able to handle more responsibility, more of the social life.”

Eugene had heard about MUM from his mother, who works at Upper Iowa University. Eugene attended a David Lynch Weekend and enrolled two months later. He chose to study education because he enjoyed working with children in a summer camp where he was directing outdoor programs and team-building activities.

“Gene developed a high level of self-discipline and responsibility in the Army,” said Christopher Jones, chair of the Department of Education. “And he has made the most of his time at MUM by both developing his knowledge of Consciousness-Based education and developing his own consciousness. He has a great start on a career in teaching.”

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