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SEPTEMBER 26, 2011 • ISSUE 136

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Nat Goldhaber and Dr. Keith Wallace


Alan Cobb, author of the first MIU catalog


Bob Daniels, the first head of Financial Aid


Peter and Susan Huggins, two of the first MIU students


MUM President Dr. Bevan Morris


Dr. John Hagelin, Trustee

Photos by Ken West

MUM Celebrates 40th Anniversary on Founder’s Day

On September 12, Maharishi University of Management celebrated its 40th anniversary with community members telling entertaining stories about the early days of the University to a packed audience in the Maharishi Patanjali Golden Dome. View video of the celebration

Nat Goldhaber, a businessman from California, spoke about how the idea came to him that “we should have our own university.” “It wasn’t really my idea, I was just a vehicle for it,” he said — but when it came it seemed irresistible. He proposed it to Maharishi in Estes Park, Colorado, and Maharishi encouraged him to go ahead. Maharishi announced the intention to start the University at the end of the 1971 Symposium on the Science of Creative Intelligence in Amherst, Massachusetts. Mr. Goldhaber and Dr. Keith Wallace then spent months with Maharishi drawing up the plans and writing the accreditation report. Maharishi International University began in Fiuggi, Italy, in 1971. Maharishi asked Dr. Wallace, then just 26 years old, to be the first president of MIU.

Alan Cobb, now an editor, composer, and sculptor in Fairfield, told the amusing and touching story of how he came to work on the original catalog. He had drafted a 40-page document before any specific details about the University had been formulated — but Maharishi liked the way it sounded, and Allen spent most of the following year working closely with Maharishi on it.

Bob Daniels, now a University Trustee and successful businessperson in Fairfield, told the audience that “until 1973, we had a university that was following Maharishi around learning SCI.” But in 1973, MIU moved to Santa Barbara, California, and rented an apartment complex for classrooms and offices. Mr. Daniels began as a dishwasher and was later promoted by Dr. Wallace to head the financial aid office.

Peter and Susan Huggins met when they were among the first students in Santa Barbara. Peter transferred from another school, and Susan, who had just graduated from high school and had been accepted at Wesleyan University in Connecticut, changed her mind when she heard about MIU and journeyed to California instead. They described the move to Iowa when MIU purchased its campus in Fairfield in 1974. They graduated in 1977 and were married in the campus chapel the following day.

Dr. John Hagelin, MUM professor and Trustee, described a recent presentation he had given at a well-known university in California. A group of academic deans there had been struggling with the problem of how to keep the liberal arts relevant in the face of declining interest and were looking into the possibilities of interdisciplinary studies. He described to them how Consciousnsess-BasedSM education traces the source of every academic discipline to an underlying field of pure intelligence. When you understand the dynamics of this field, he told them, you understand the inner dynamics of every discipline. And Consciousness-Based education also offers a way to awaken this field from within. Dr. Hagelin said that we may take this for granted here — but for these deans it came as a revelation, and a number of them asked to come to MUM for training in this. ”MUM is poised for unrestricted progress,” Dr Hagelin said. “Maharishi’s prediction of a world free of problems and suffering is a prediction for this year and next year and all generations to come.”

Dr. Bevan Morris, president of the University since 1980, told the audience that because he travels widely, he is able to see the University through the eyes of people all over the world. People everywhere see Maharishi University of Management as the home of beautiful experiences of rising bliss, a place of peace, love, and bubbling creativity, he said — a place where all of Maharishi’s technologies of consciousness have been faithfully implemented. “Maharishi was so proud of the University,” he said. “It is a pilgrimage place in the world.”

View the booklet, Maharishi University of Management — Celebrating 40 Years of Consciousness-Based Education 1971-2011.

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