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JULY 21, 2011 • ISSUE 130

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Graduate student Miryam Lopez


With the President of the Dominican Republic, Leonel Fernandez (left) and Secretary of State Carlos Dore Cabral (right)


Miryam with her MA in Maharishi Vedic Science class

Miryam Lopez - From Journalism to Maharishi Vedic Science

Miryam Lopez is a journalist and magazine editor from Spain who is currently working towards her MA in Maharishi Vedic ScienceSM with a specialization in music and consciousness with emphasis in Maharishi Gandharva VedaSM music.

Miryam received a BA in communications sciences and journalism from Complutense University of Madrid and worked as a journalist in Spain and in the Dominican Republic. In 2003, she became editor of Global Magazine, published by the Global Foundation for Democracy and Development. Her involvement in this nonprofit organization led her to work with the president of the Dominican Republic, and later she became executive assistant to the minister of information.

In 2007, she received her new assignment as publishing coordinator in the Foundation’s New York City office. She began studying English and started training as a sound and music facilitator. She was looking to continue with a fulfilling and service-oriented education when she discovered MUM through a friend. After completing her New York assignment, she enrolled in the MA in Maharishi Vedic Science program in September, 2009.

“From the first class in the Science of Creative Intelligence, I wanted to become a TM teacher” said Miryam. “In December, I took the TM-Sidhi® course and it was clear that this is what I wanted to do.”

Less than two years after she came to MUM, Miryam is now attending the Transcendental Meditation Teacher Training Course in Argentina. After she completes her music specialization at MUM, she wants to teach the TM® technique in Spain, Latin America, and to the Latin community in the US and around the world. “My dream is to help Consciousness-Based education spread all around the world, to teach TM, to help build schools” she said.

“It’s been a great delight to work with Miryam on her music specialization throughout the year,” said Isabelle Matzkin, assistant professor of music and Maharishi Vedic Science. “I’ve come to know her as a very balanced, well-integrated person, who combines an exceptionally clear intellect and full heart with musical depth and a strong commitment to Vedic knowledge.”

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