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JULY 4, 2011 • ISSUE 128

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Dr. John Hagelin


Dr. Ramani Ayer


Dr. Jane Schmidt-Wilk


Dr. Dennis Heaton


Dr. Scott Herriott


Victoria Alexander Herriott


Dr. Fred Travis

MUM Presents at Academy of Management Conference

MUM faculty members will be speaking at the annual conference of the Academy of Management in San Antonio, Texas, in August 2011. The Academy is the oldest and largest scholarly management association, with 18,000 members from 103 countries.

The theme of this year’s conference is West Meets East: Enlightening, Balancing, and Transcending and will be attended by 10,000 management scholars. “This year’s theme is a wonderful indication of the growing appreciation for more profound systems of education and ways to develop managers for organizations,” said Dr. David DuBois.

One of the symposia titled Education for Enlightenment: The Implications of Consciousness for Managerial Development, was submitted by Drs. David and Cathy DuBois, former MUM adjunct professors, who will be joined by MUM faculty members Dr. John Hagelin, Dr. Fred Travis, Dr. Jane Schmidt-Wilk, Victoria Alexander Herriott, and MUM trustee Dr. Ramani Ayer.

“This year, we are presenting in three different divisions and in two all-academy themes.” said Dr. Jane Schmidt-Wilk, who has been attending the conference since the mid ’90s.

Another all-academy symposium is titled Transcending and Peak Executive Performance: Management Insight from the East. The panel includes MUM faculty members Dr. Dennis Heaton and Dr. Travis, as well as MUM graduate student Stan Kendz, Dr. Ramani Ayer, and adjunct professor Dr. Harald Harung.

Dr. Heaton will present a paper titled Maharishi on Management: Transcending, Balancing, Enlightening, and Harmonizing, and he is a panelist on a workshop on sustainability in management education. Dr. Heaton and Ph.D. student Ravi Subramaniam will also be presenters in a workshop on educating managers about integrity.

Dr. Scott Herriott, Victoria Alexander Herriott, and Dr. Jane Schmidt-Wilk will conduct a Professional Development Workshop titled Refresher Course for Practitioners of the Transcendental Meditation® Program.

Dr. David Goodman will be part of a symposium titled Toward Global Sustainability: Transcending Western-Finance & Eastern-Management Teaching Differences.

“It’s a huge step forward in the visibility of the University and our academic work,” said Dr. Schmidt-Wilk.

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