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JUNE 27, 2011 • ISSUE 127

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Sustainable living student Minca Borg


Minca in a planning session with World Congress


Minca with her Maharishi School DestiNation Imagination team at Global Finals

Minca Borg — Creating a Sustainable Campus Community

Minca Borg is a sustainable living major who at the age of 11 moved with her family to Fairfield from Mountain View, California, so that she and her brother could enjoy the benefits of Consciousness-BasedSM education at Maharishi School of the Age of Enlightenment.

Minca participated in DestiNation Imagination, a creative problem solving contest for high school students, where she developed self-confidence and team-work skills. At MUM, she uses her communication and collaborative skills in World Congress, a student club that focuses on social and organizational development by facilitating processes for brainstorming, planning, and community dialog. Last year, she served on MUM’s Global Student Council as sustainable council vice president, contributing to the development of the edible forest on campus. This year, she helped organize the EcoFair.

“What I really appreciate about the Sustainable Living Program is that it has a little bit of everything: science, group work, individual work, reading, discussions — just a nice balance,” said Minca. “There is a real sense of community in the Sustainable Living Department and a feeling that all of the students care about the world.”

In her free time, Minca enjoys being outdoors and gardening. She feels that her sustainable living major is an excellent foundation for her academic and professional life. “I feel that sustainable living and my extracurricular activities in skill building will make me more valuable in whatever I participate in,” she said. “I will be able to contribute more.”

“Minca is a deep philosophical thinker,” said Dr. David Fisher, head of the Sustainable Living Department. “She never runs out of questions that expand into bigger and even bigger questions, which she then proceeds to write, read, and think about even more. Yet she’s also a doer; very active in organizing, participating in, and sometimes running various projects and initiatives.”

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