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JUNE 19, 2011 • ISSUE 126

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The MUM blog offers articles in a variety of topics


The Galaxy Ninja Team: Joey Del Re, Eric Carter, Tegan Perry, Asher Fergusson, David Jung


MUM Launches New Blog

Maharishi University of Management has launched a blog as part of a social media initiative. The blog showcases articles, videos, and photos about life at MUM and in Fairfield.

The company responsible for managing the blog content and its systems is Galaxy Ninja, a Fairfield-based Internet marketing company started by MUM alumni Eric Carter, Joey Del Re, Asher Fergusson, Tegan Perry, and David Jung.

“The new MUM blog is a great way for students and faculty to express themselves. The blog is a modern medium to showcase cool projects, experiences, and local MUM news to the world,” said Galaxy Ninja’s Asher Fergusson. “It has wonderful potential to make MUM more visible across the Internet via search engines and social networks.”

The blog links to faculty, staff, and student blogs and includes articles by resident blogger Anna Bruen, as well as guest bloggers on topics such as campus life, sustainability, and achievements.

“I think the new student blog is a great source of information for all students and Fairfield folks,” said student Supriya Vidic. “All of the writers deliver the material in a fun and easy to read way.”

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