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MARCH 20, 2011 • ISSUE 117

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MUM student Antwan Linton Penn


Antwan receives the Maharishi Award for Celebrations and Fulfillment in December 2010


Singing in a concert at the Fairfield Arts and Conventions Center

Antwan Linton Penn — Celebration and Fulfillment

Antwan Linton Penn hails from Newark, New Jersey, and studies Maharishi Vedic ScienceSM and music at MUM. He discovered the University through Dr. John Hagelin’s appearance in a movie and, after a subsequent visit to MUM, decided to enroll.

Prior to coming to MUM, Antwan worked in merchandising and studied Capoeira, an Afro-Brazilian art form that combines elements of martial arts, sports, and music. He has taken classes at various universities and spent his free time studying metaphysics and spiritual philosophies. Antwan is excited that now he can pursue his interests in a degree program through Maharishi Vedic Science.

Antwan has practiced the TM-Sidhi® program since December 2009 and he likes how it integrates with his daily life at MUM. He finds that the healthy routine and the recommendations of Maharishi Vedic Science such as Maharishi YogaSM Asanas complement the positive effects of the TM® and TM-Sidhi programs. “I have more fun and dynamism in life when I’m doing the TM-Sidhi technique and I’m on the ideal routine,” he said.

A year ago, after visiting the Maharishi VedicSM Pandits for the first time, Antwan moved to Maharishi Vedic City to enjoy the quality of silence radiating from the nearby Pandit campus.

In 2010, Antwan received the Maharishi Award for Celebrations and Fulfillment for bringing joy to the MUM community. “I love singing and playing in bands,” he said. “I’m happy that people get joy out of me being fully self-expressed. That’s exciting.”

“Antwan is full of life, joy, talent and brilliance, and is a gem of a human being,” said Isabelle Matzkin, assistant professor of music and Maharishi Vedic Science. “I enjoy his deep-thinking contributions in the classroom.”

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