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MARCH 4, 2011 • ISSUE 115

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MUM alumnus Michael Halley


Michael was sworn in as councilman on January 4th, 2010


Volunteering at the Fairfield Public Library’s Kids’ Day


Michael’s children, Lily and Skylar, demonstrate the large capacity of the new single-stream recycling containers

Michael Halley —
Sustainable Councilman

Michael Halley grew up in Greenville, Ohio, in a family that practiced the Transcendental Meditation® technique and had deep respect for the environment. He came to MUM in 1993 to study biology, the closest subject MUM offered to sustainable living.

Michael shared his passion for sustainability with his fellow students and they elected him president of the forerunner of MUM’s Sustainability Club. Together they drew up the first detailed sustainability plan for MUM.

In 1995, with Lonica Kufner, Michael started Natural Selections, a retail business specializing in organic clothing. They participated in MUM’s annual Ecofair and supported the Sustainability Club. Michael now works at Danaher Oil and spends his free time giving back to his community. He serves on the Fairfield City Council and on the boards of several non-profit organizations, including the Fairfield Area Chamber of Commerce.

Even though his schedule is packed, Michael is always full of energy and enjoys all his volunteering activities. “The twice daily practice of the TM technique has helped me balance my thoughts and emotions, which means I can perform at my best even when dealing with the stress from managing all the responsibilities I've taken on,” he said.

Michael ran for city council out of his desire to help Fairfield achieve its Go-Green Plan. Since 2010, he has facilitated the city’s switch to single-stream recycling, which increased recycling rates and reduced landfill usage, saving the city and its residents money. He has also managed a $480,000 energy efficiency project aimed at cutting the city’s energy usage by 40%.

“Michael has proven himself to be an effective leader and a reasonable voice for the community,” said Ed Malloy, mayor of Fairfield and University trustee. “He has taken on some important projects for a first-term councilman and has won the respect of the Council and city staff.”

“When we talk about going green and becoming a model community, a lot of inspiration comes from the University,” said Michael. “We have a university that is walking its talk, not only teaching but adopting the principles of sustainable living. It is very satisfying to be able to encourage the University’s sustainability plans.”

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