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FEBRUARY 27, 2011 • ISSUE 114

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Dr. Scott Herriott, co-chair of the Department of Business Administration


MBA students work in teams to solve real-life problems. Pictured above are Maartan Schoots and Sheer-el Cohen


Professor Dennis Heaton teaches socially and environmentally sustainable management


MBA graduate Kari Bedi coaches Fairfield businesses in sustainable practices

MBA in Sustainable Business Trains Students for New Green Jobs

MUM’s MBA in Sustainable Business is rolling out a slate of new courses this spring. New courses include measuring and reporting on sustainability and sustainable community development. Other courses will focus on employee health and wellness and organizational change for sustainability.

“Other programs think of sustainability as a topic that came out of environmental science or the social responsibility of business,” said Dr. Scott Herriott, co-chair of the business department. “MUM’s program looks at sustainability in terms of alliance with natural law, so it integrates all other aspects of sustainability. We are trying to understand and pull together the very disparate themes of the sustainability movement.”

MUM’s MBA is one of just six in the country with a dedicated focus on sustainability. The program trains students to work with companies and governments that are implementing green initiatives.

“We’re eager to prepare students to participate in the wave of sustainability that’s currently sweeping the business world,” Dr. Herriott said.

Dr. Herriott’s new course on measuring and modeling teaches students the various ways sustainability is measured, such as the elements of LEED certification and determining an organization’s carbon footprint.

Courses already in the curriculum include sustainable technologies, socially responsible investing, and socially and environmentally responsible management.

“MUM involves students via a fresh, holistic approach in their MBA program that includes not only Consciousness-Based education but also strong peer and community-based learning where diverse international students support one another,” said MBA graduate Kari Bedi, who works for Natural Capitalism, Inc., helping Fairfield businesses implement cost-saving sustainable practices.

Beginning in the fall of 2011, the MBA courses in Sustainable Business will be available online via MUM’s new distance education program.

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