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FEBRUARY 20, 2011 • ISSUE 113

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Business student Emanuel Schachinger


World Congress meeting in the MUM library


World Congress facilitates a process for MUM

Emanuel Schachinger – World Congress President

Emanuel Schachinger was born in the foothills of the Austrian Alps where his father runs a Maharishi Ayur-Veda® health center. After studying business administration and business informatics at Johannes Kepler University in Linz, he worked at several start-up companies, doing event organization, photography, and advertising. At MUM, he is completing his BA in Business Administration this semester and plans to continue with the MBA program.

Emanuel learned the Transcendental Meditation® technique at the age of 10 and the TM-Sidhi® program here at MUM in 2009.

“I came to MUM, because of its unique educational system combining traditional education with spiritual growth,” said Emanuel. “The block system allows me to focus on one subject at a time. Having meditation as part of my daily routine is very important for me, since I see this as the basis for my spiritual and personal growth.”

Emanuel serves on the Global Student Council of MUM as president of World Congress. Using the tools of organizational development, World Congress helps students and University departments host successful meetings and planning procedures to create positive change.

“Emanuel is a delightful student,” said David Goodman, associate professor of management. “He is always prepared, full of ideas, focused, creative, and he contributes a lot.”

This year, Emanuel took on the role of head organizer for the 2011 Eco-Fair. With his enthusiastic and experienced team, he hopes to reach out to the Fairfield community as well as to sustainability clubs of other Iowa universities.

Emanuel enjoys coordinating projects and working in a team. His ideal job would entail comprehensive business development for small companies including organizational development, marketing strategies, and human resource management. “For me, it is important that those companies are in line with my personal values, such as sustainability and a global community where people are working together,” he said.

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