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FEBRUARY 12, 2011 • ISSUE 112

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Chris Jones, chair of the Education Department, teaches an education class at MUM


The Quiet Time program is already used in dozens of schools in the U.S.


Students in the education program will learn how to teach in a variety of schools

New Master’s in Educational Innovation to Begin this Fall

This fall the MUM Education Department launches a new degree program, the Master’s in Educational Innovation. The program will train a new generation of educational entrepreneurs, prepared to work in a wide range of settings, including charter schools, magnet schools, career academies, and Consciousness-BasedSM schools.

“This is a time of great experimentation and change in the field of education,” said Chris Jones, director of the new program. “Everyone is looking to solve the apparently unsolvable problems of education.”

One of the solutions adopted in many schools is the addition of the Quiet TimeSM program where students practice the Transcendental Meditation® technique, resulting in increased academic performance, improved behavior, and reduced levels of stress, anxiety, and hyperactivity among children. The new program will prepare students to teach in these schools.

“The need for effective stress reduction strategies and programs that support holistic human development is extremely high,” said Laurent Valosek, Executive Director of the Quiet Time programs in the San Francisco area. “In turn, there is a need for teachers who are trained to introduce, implement, and grow these programs."

Students in the education program will learn how to use Maharishi’s teaching techniques for building interdisciplinary frameworks of knowledge and strategies for connecting all knowledge to the deepest level of the student.

Another component will be a deep understanding of the social context in which learning takes place. Course topics include the ecology of learning and new strategies for community building.

In addition to instructing teachers, the program will also train school change agents, individuals whose goal is to become familiar with schools today and focus on improving them.

Technology will play a major role in teaching students how to apply the latest electronic technology of interactive whiteboards, social media in the classroom, video capture and storage, and Web 2.0. The new MA program will be housed at Maharishi School in a new “smart classroom” that will also be used to help train Maharishi School and MUM faculty.

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