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SEPTEMBER 18, 2010 • ISSUE 96

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The roof of the Art Center receives additional insulation
(photo by Jim Fairchild)


New natural gas lines are installed (photo by Jim Fairchild)


Dorm windows are replaced by more energy efficient ones


The fire safety system is upgraded in the ladies’ dorm

Campus Renovations Focus on Energy Efficiency

Maharishi University of Management has launched a $1.5 million renovation project to fix buildings, upgrade facilities, and improve energy efficiency at the same time. After completing a $2 million dorm renovation project last year, the University plans to spend half of the new funds on energy efficient upgrades.

“Our University Trustees were eager to make energy efficiency a major focus of the project,” said David Streid, MUM chief administrative officer. In addition to making the campus greener, the upgrades will save money in the long run.

The roof of the Art Center received an additional 2 ½ inches of insulation and a system to capture the heat from the kiln in order to heat the building. The washers and dryers used by Custodial Services are being replaced by new energy efficient machines that also use less water.

Other upgrades include all new energy efficient windows in some of the residence halls, new natural gas lines, and meters to monitor and coordinate energy usage in buildings. The heating and air conditioning systems will also be updated with more energy efficient motors.

The most visible change will be improvements to some of the sidewalks and roads as well as the installation of LED lighting for parking lots and pathways. Also on tap is improvement of fire safety systems, including replacing the entire alarm system in some buildings.

In addition to making the campus more sustainable, the project is benefiting the local economy by employing local contractors for some of the work.

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