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APRIL 5, 2010 • ISSUE 75

University Website


Maharishi School of the Age of Enlightenment


Parents Celeste and Noah Siemsen redesign the website


The key developer for the new website is Alek Lisefski


“The website is more alive with the spirit of students”


Since 1992, Maharishi School teams have won over 50 state championships and over 20 world rankings including multiple first place awards

Maharishi School Website Receives Makeover

Noah and Celeste Siemsen spearheaded the redesign of the website as a way to give back to their alma mater. They both graduated from Maharishi School of the Age of Enlightenment in 1995 and now have two sons attending the school, one in first grade and one in preschool. Mr. Siemsen is also a member of the School's Board of Directors, and Mrs. Siemsen works as the assistant to Dr. Richard Beall, the Head of School.

“I feel blessed to be able to give our children the same, profound education that Noah and I received at Maharishi School,” said Mrs. Siemsen. “We were so excited to redesign the website because it gave us a chance to give back to the school and we wanted to inspire other alumni to find ways to reconnect.”

Their goal was to create a direct and simple site that reflects the school and the student’s experience going through it. For example, the website showcases the multitude of academic, artistic, and athletic awards students receive each year in state and national competitions. Also a crucial point in the design process was marketing and increasing enrollment.

“I’m very happy with the result,” said Mr. Siemsen. “We are going to continue to improve the site and include many other marketing based functions. We got an excellent response from alumni, parents, and administrators.”

Noah Siemsen graduated from Maharishi University of Management in 1999 with a BFA in Digital Media. Celeste Siemsen graduated in 2000 with a BA in Literature.

Key developer for the website was Alek Lisefski, a freelance Web designer, who received a BFA in Digital Media from MUM in 2005 as valedictorian of his class. Mr. Lisefski was also excited to contribute his talents and provide Maharishi School with a visually appealing, professional platform that also enables the school to easily add updates and keep the site current.

“The website is more alive with the spirit of the students, the warm energy that shines from them, the lively yet grounded sense of calm that exists throughout each classroom,” said Mr. Lisefski. “It celebrates what makes the school special and offers that message to the world in a clean, appealing manner.”

The next phase of development includes search engine optimization and marketing process to increase traffic to the site. An additional function of the site is the tracking of marketing results with the purpose of more efficiently organizing its content.

Maharishi School will be sponsoring Maharishi YagyaSM performances again this year, beginning the first week in May. For more information call us at 641-472-0094. To donate online, go to:

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