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MARCH 16, 2010 • ISSUE 72

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MBA student Alganesh Weldu


Playing basketball with the children in the Bridge to Israel orphanage in Ethiopia


Interviewing the manager of the orphanage


Having a discussion with the nannies of the children in the orphanage

Alganesh Weldu — Saving Children One at a Time

Alganesh Weldu is a part-time MBA in Sustainable Business student from Ethiopia working as an assistant recruiter at Donatech Corporation in Fairfield. After completing her degree, she plans to return to her home country and work in her own humanitarian foundation providing help to impoverished children and women.

Even though Alganesh’s parents are not educated, they invested in their children’s education and instilled in Alganesh the passion for sharing the advantage of education with the youth around her. Her “Help the Future Foundation” plans to offer sponsorship to some of the six million orphans in Ethiopia so that they can go to school and stay off the streets.

With the help of her husband and her brother, she has been preparing her foundation for over a year. The long-term goal of the foundation is to provide financial assistance to children and young women for their academic advancement and to promote the importance of education in creating a healthy and violence free society. “I want to do my part to create a sustainable society, and raise awareness about the societal and environmental crisis in my country,” she said.

Alganesh feels that her MBA degree is going to help her run the organization, manage its people and resources, and partner with other humanitarian organizations and philanthropists around the world.

Alganesh has a BA in Business Management from Gondar University, Ethiopia, where she worked as an instructor after she graduated. Intrigued by the idea of green business and sustainability and inspired by Consciousness-BasedSM education, she enrolled at MUM in August 2008.

Alganesh feels at home in the MUM community and finds everyone to be warm and supportive. She is increasingly enjoying her practice of the Transcendental Meditation® technique. “I am more in touch with myself now,” she said, “and as a Christian, I gained a new perspective on how I see God.”

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