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MARCH 9, 2010 • ISSUE 71

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Leon Lewis working in the editing lab at MUM


Filming an interview for Green Light


Digital photography by Leon Lewis

Leon Lewis — Editor of Conscious Times

Communications and media student Leon Lewis is a filmmaker, Web designer, and editor of Conscious Times, MUM’s online student voice. Leon, who comes from Minneapolis, discovered MUM by seeing Dr. John Hagelin talk about consciousness in a movie.

Leon enjoys digital media, especially film, and has made several short films since he’s been a student at MUM and has assisted his fellow students on their projects. “The communications and media program has given me the ability to really explore whatever I’ve wanted to,” said Leon.

As an artist, Leon appreciates the effect of Consciousness-BasedSM education on his creativity. “Being able to know your true self, you can incorporate it into what you are creating,” he said. “You can also filter out the distractions of everyday life and increase your focus.”

Leon created the Conscious Times website and turned the formerly in-print newspaper into an online forum for showcasing student work including photos, film, and blogs. He is also encouraging students to submit articles covering campus events as a practice in journalism.

As associate producer, Leon is lending his editing talents to a full-length documentary called Green Light, produced by MUM student Alex Cequea and MUM alumnus Robert Gongwer. The film explores consciousness and sustainability and what it takes to create a sustainable and peaceful planet.

“Leon's talents and energy appear to be limitless,” said professor Gurdy Leete. “He seems to effortlessly juggle an amazing number of projects including his feature film project, editing the students' online newspaper, and numerous freelance Web design and video projects, not to mention his classes, and he does it all with creative insight, a calm intelligence, and an infectious smile.”

Earlier this year, Leon coordinated a short-film contest for Fairfield’s Art Walk Film Expo, collecting films from students and screening them during the festival. His short film “Taste Your Medicine”, exploring commercials from the beauty industry and their influence on young girls, won in the super short category.

Watch the trailer Leon created for Green Light

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