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FEBRUARY 6, 2010 • ISSUE 68

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Mayor Ed Malloy, MUM Trustee and chairman of the endowment committee


The Fairfield Arts and Convention Center and the new street-scape were some of the first accomplishments of the strategic plan


The new LED traffic lights save the city $18,000 annually


The Sustainable Learning and Visitors Center was built using straw bale construction

Mayor Ed Malloy — Leading Fairfield Into a Sustainable Future

Fairfield Mayor Ed Malloy, who was named one of the 15 greenest mayors in the country by, has worked to make Fairfield a model sustainable community since his election in 2001. Building on the success of the first strategic plan for community improvement and involving representatives from every segment of the community, Mayor Malloy completed the second plan in 2009 focusing on sustainability.

The new Go-Green Plan aims to create and maintain the sustainability culture, create jobs and investment opportunities with sustainable development, and achieve sustainable community design.

“I believe Fairfield is poised to become a model sustainable city reaping the benefits of energy conservation, smart technology, renewable energy, and green entrepreneurship,” said Mayor Malloy.

Leading by example, the city conducted an energy audit on all of its buildings to reduce energy usage and with the help of state grants it plans to reduce energy costs by 30%. The city has also installed new energy efficient LED traffic lights and built a Sustainable Learning and Visitors Center.

Fairfield businesses also got on board and formed the Green Business Council to research ways of reducing their energy consumption and to invest in sustainable practices.

Supporting the Mayor’s efforts, Assistant Professor Lonnie Gamble of MUM's Sustainable Living Department and International Admissions Counselor Sonia Vera are members of the Go-Green Commission that developed the sustainability plan. In addition, Maharishi University of Management filed its own Climate Action Plan, a comprehensive sustainability blueprint that includes a 2020 target date and interim milestones for achieving carbon neutrality. MUM signed the American College & University Presidents’ Climate Commitment as one of the founding signatories.

“MUM has played a major role in our community making sustainability a priority,” said Mayor Malloy. “Both students and faculty will continue to be a big part of helping us achieve our goals. As a new Trustee I am proud that the University and City of Fairfield have found a strong collaboration in this area.”

Mayor Malloy also wants to share his vision with all of Iowa. “We are currently collaborating with Iowa City, Dubuque and Des Moines on projects and information sharing,” Mayor Malloy said. “We have sent our sustainability plan to 100 of Iowa’s most populated cities.”

With so much support from his constituents, Mayor Malloy is bound to show the way for sustainable communities everywhere.

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