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JANUARY 25, 2010 • ISSUE 66

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MBA student Lawrence Norton


Lawrence leading a horseback-riding tour in Wyoming


Lawrence is promoting MUM's sustainability projects like this solar array

Lawrence Norton — Developing Sustainable Teaching Technologies

After creating the first four-year degree program in sustainability in the US, MUM is now working to establish itself as a premiere online source for sustainable solutions. In charge of the effort is Lawrence Norton, a student in the MBA in Sustainable Business program, who has taken on the job of harnessing the educational powers of the Internet to spotlight the exciting green projects students are working on.

“At MUM we have both Consciousness-Based education and sustainable living,” says Lawrence. “Even though we are joining a much larger and more developed discussion of sustainability, we have a distinct voice because our education is based in consciousness. I’m trying to find ways to uniquely convey that knowledge.”

Lawrence graduated from Maharishi School of the Age of Enlightenment, attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and received a BS in Human Ecology from the College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor, Maine.

While at MIT, Lawrence worked at Hypermedia Teaching Laboratories creating interactive online education programs. After receiving his undergraduate degree, Lawrence worked as a professional tour guide at an outfitting company in Wyoming. In 2006, he joined Environmental News Network, an online environmental news resource. As CEO and publisher, Lawrence created a national editorial affiliate program of 200 blogs and news sites.

Lawrence enrolled at MUM in 2008 and is now working with the Sustainable Living Department to develop online coursework, research the benefits of technology for the classroom, and facilitate student interaction online.

Lawrence is inspired by the dedication of the MUM staff and faculty towards sustainability. “All the departments are receptive and enthusiastic about getting our sustainability programs to the next level,” he says.

After finishing his MBA, Lawrence hopes to enter the corporate world and introduce new strategies in business including sustainability and the development of consciousness.

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