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DECEMBER 12, 2009 • ISSUE 61

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Jesse Berkowitz, MUM alumnus and marketing consultant


Jesse spent 6 months in Johannesburg, South Africa as Academic Director at the Maharishi Invincibility Institute


Jesse taught courses on computers, life skills, and business, with classes of up to 200 students

Jesse Berkowitz — Marketing Consultant

Jesse Berkowitz, a native of Fairfield, an MSAE alumnus, and a 2003 MBA graduate of MUM, was recently hired as the University’s new marketing consultant to help boost enrollment via MUM’s website, social media tools, and online campaigns.

Jesse gained extensive experience as a senior marketing manager at Human Factors International, which consults with Fortune 500 companies on Web and user experience design. Jesse produced a webcast series, managed a staff of writers, handled Web and e-mail marketing, public relations, and event marketing and management. His five-year tenure coincided with the company’s worldwide expansion and the doubling of its revenues.

Jesse is now looking forward to using his marketing background for the benefit of the University.

“I love thinking about how people perceive our message and communications,” Jesse said. “It’s important to inform them in a way that is natural and creates receptivity.”

Jesse is also accomplished in promoting Consciousness-BasedSM education. After his graduation, he participated in recruiting tours for MUM, meeting with prospective students and their families and speaking at press conferences.

During the first half of 2009, Jesse worked as academic director at the Maharishi Invincibility Institute in Johannesburg, South Africa. He developed curriculum, taught courses in computer skills and business, created a new application and admissions process and organized many aspects of faculty and student life.

"We're delighted to have Jesse back at MUM, now as a professional who can help us grow our student enrollment,” said Ron Barnett, MUM’s Director of Marketing. “His passion for Vedic knowledge is obvious. It's great to see young graduates like him so committed to creating a bright future for the University and becoming new leaders in the movement."

In the future, Jesse plans to apply for the next Transcendental Meditation® Program Teacher Training Course.

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