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OCTOBER 24, 2009 • ISSUE 54

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Art Professor James Shrosbree


Teaching Principles of Design in the new Art Center


Mr. Shrosbree at work in the studio


Place Setting for Peace Project Ceramics, 2009 designed by Jim Shrosbree and Mara Winningham

James Shrosbree — Ceramics for Peace

James Shrosbree serves as chairman of the Art and Design Department at Maharishi University of Management. Since 1979, he has taught a wide range of courses but his specialties are ceramics, sculpture, and drawing. A prolific artist, he has exhibited at galleries and institutions throughout the U.S. and lectures regularly at universities. His work has been collected by numerous museums and published in national and international art magazines.

Mr. Shrosbree finds the faculty at MUM motivating and his relationship with his students nourishing. “The students here are uniquely responsive and full of life,” he said. “I am always inspired to see their growth and the authenticity in the things they make over the course of their studies.”

As chairman of the department, Professor Shrosbree is enthusiastic about the potential of the new Art Center in the former Student Union building. With new studios for painting, design, and digital media, along with the existing ceramics and sculpture studios, the building now houses both the Art and Design as well as the Communications and Media programs.

This year, new art and design Professor Ceyrena Kay will teach courses in photography, design and sustainability as well as photography. “Professor Kay has an MA in Landscape Architecture and a BFA in Photography,” Mr. Shrosbree said. “Her 'Design and Sustainability Seminar and Studio' will link us to the Sustainable Living program, and her 'Photo and New Media' course ties into the Communications and Media program.”

Continuing education courses in Art and Design are expanding to include silkscreen printing, taught by recent MUM graduate, Hilary Nelson, and tableware ceramics with adjunct art faculty member Mara Winningham.

In 2004, Mr. Shrosbree founded Peace Project Ceramics, a collaborative endeavor of fellow artists and students, to raise money for the Maharishi Vedic Pandit project in Maharishi Vedic City. The group produces multifunctional platters designed as both art and tableware. Their goal is to grow into a sustainable venture where MUM graduates and other artists can support themselves and the peace-creating activities of the Maharishi Vedic Pandits.

Watch a short documentary created by Geoff Boothby at DLF.TV and hear what his peers are saying about Mr. Shrosbree.
Visit James Shrosbree’s gallery

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