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SEPTEMBER 12, 2009 • ISSUE 49

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Stephen Hopson at MUM


Stephen at a book signing


Stephen in the cockpit


With new friends at the MUM Visitors Weekend

Stephen Hopson — Stockbroker, Pilot, MUM Student

Stephen Hopson is a new MUM student from New York in the MA in the Maharishi Vedic ScienceSM program. Stephen graduated from Marist College, NY with a BS in Business Administration and worked on Wall Street for 15 years first as a banker then as a stockbroker. He accomplished all this in spite of being born deaf.

After his Wall Street career, Stephen realized his destiny was to become an inspirational speaker and author to help others reach their full potential. He created Adversity University, a blog about overcoming life’s challenges, toured the country speaking at corporations and colleges, and had one of his stories published in the best-selling book “Chicken Soup for the College Soul”.

In 2001, Stephen realized his childhood dream and became a licensed pilot. Six years later, he defied all odds and became the world’s first deaf instrument rated pilot. This rating enables him to fly as pilot-in-command through less-than-ideal weather conditions with a second crew member to handle the radios.

In 2009, Stephen decided to return to school and while looking for spiritual education he found MUM. He participated in a Visitors Weekend in the spring and he made his decision. “I knew this was the school for me,” he said. “I never felt that way about any college campus. It was such a powerful experience.”

Stephen learned the Transcendental Meditation® program as soon as he arrived on campus, taking advantage of the sponsorship offered by the David Lynch Foundation, created by MUM Trustee Dr. David Lynch.

Stephen now enjoys the friendly atmosphere of campus and appreciates the students, staff and faculty helping him with the interpretation of classes and campus events.

“Everyone in the class simply loves him and sees clearly that here is an individual that will not accept any ‘obstacle’ on his personal path to enlightenment and fulfillment in life,” said Professor Ron Pleasant.

After being at MUM for one month, Stephen is already planning to learn the TM-Sidhi® program and hoping to travel on an MUM Rotating University course.

Watch Stephen’s speaking demo.

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