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AUGUST 7, 2009 • ISSUE 45

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The 2009 graduating class of MUM in China


Mr. Si JinLiang teaching assistant, Sam Goldstein Admissions representative, Jay Smart OCC teacher, Dr. Yunxiang Zhu, Li Xianfeng, director of English programs at OCC, Professor Qi Dahui, MUM Chief Representative in China are standing for National Anthem


Professor Zhu is giving his charge to the graduating students

Students Graduate From MUM in China

51 students in China received their BA degrees from MUM on July 10th at the Overseas Chinese College (OCC) of the Capital University of Economics and Business, MUM’s partner university in Beijing.

16 of the current graduates have already applied to complete their MBA degrees at MUM’s main campus in Fairfield. 14 undergraduate students are also applying for admission to finish their BA in Business Administration degrees in the U.S. MUM’s on site Admissions representative Sam Goldstein provides the help and encouragement for these applications.

“Interesting but not surprising at all, that students who enter MUM’s Beijing track will finish their studies with us. Once students from MUM’s China campus are in the Fairfield MUM environment, they all want to continue their MBAs here,” said Dr. Yunxiang Zhu, Director of International Programs and Associate Dean of Asian Development. “Our friendly faculty, block system, coherent environment, genuine support to their study from our faculty, and twice daily practice of the TM® technique are all new and very attractive to them.”

Students in China take their first two years of classes with the international faculty of the affiliate college while MUM professors teach in the third and fourth years. More and more students choose to complete their degrees on the MUM campus in Fairfield. The MUM curriculum in China is identical to the curriculum in Fairfield including the practice of the Transcendental Meditation® program. There are 70 students currently on the MUM track in China and more than 30 Chinese students are already in Fairfield finishing their degrees.

Dr. Zhu delivered the diplomas from Fairfield while Professor Sun Liang, Associate Director of the China program and his team including Mr. Si Jing Liang and Mr. Fan Xiaoming, both MUM Teaching Assistants and teachers of the Transcendental Meditation program, and Mr. Alex Qin, MUM’s Beijing Office Administrator from OCC organized the graduation event. Students connected with their professors from Fairfield via teleconferencing.

Dr. Zhu praised MUM Press and Tom Rowe, MUM Registrar, for getting all the diplomas printed and signed on a very tight schedule.

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