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JULY 13, 2009 • ISSUE 42

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Professor Keith Levi Ph.D.


The professors, administrators and students of the Computer Professionals Program


Mostafa Elzoghbi, recipient of the 2009 Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Award


Students enjoy a picnic and games during graduation weekend


Dr. Levi visits his former students at Microsoft

Dr. Keith Levi —
Preparing Students for Success

Keith Levi, Ph.D. chairs the M.S. in Computer Science Program at MUM. One of Dr. Levi’s responsibilities is to recruit and maintain the highly qualified faculty of his department, which is the largest program at MUM with 12 full time faculty members. Dr. Levi has been a professor at MUM since 1989 and has taught many of the courses in the Computer Professionals Program.

The program, which opened in 1996, has trained more than 1200 computer professionals who have secured practical training positions with over 800 U.S. companies such as Microsoft, IBM, and Wells Fargo. “Almost all of our students get hired as permanent employees. The companies all want them to stay,” says Dr. Levi. Microsoft alone has hired over 200 MUM students.

One of these 200 students is Mostafa Elzoghbi, who was recently awarded the 2009 Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Award - Visual C#. Elzoghbi is currently working in a practical training position at MetroStar Systems in Reston, Virginia.

“I am proud to receive this award as a student at Maharishi University of Management which opened many professional opportunities for me in USA market,” said Elzoghbi.

MUM hosts one of the largest Masters programs in Computer Science in the country, which has a more professional orientation than most universities. Students in the Computer Professionals Program study 8 months on campus then complete their remaining courses while working for two years.

“It’s nice to interact with the students when they come back,” Dr. Levi says, “you see such a big change. Most of them are working in senior positions and are given a lot of responsibilities. You see how their maturity and confidence levels have stepped up.”

Professor Levi is also proud of the increasing number of his students learning the TM-Sidhi® program. In addition to their course work, students also receive coaching on résumé writing, interviewing, and job searching skills and have the advantage of a large network of successful graduates employed across the country. This comprehensive education enables them to succeed even in today’s highly competitive job market.

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