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MAY 29, 2009 • ISSUE 37

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Professor Geoffrey Baker showing one of his paintings


Mr. Baker (left) with Maharishi in India in 1970


Mr. Baker teaching a class at MUM


“Promenade” by Geoffrey Baker

Geoffrey Baker — Art and Consciousness

Art Professor Geoffrey Baker has taught art courses at Maharishi University of Management since 1979, has produced over a dozen video tapes on the relationship of art and consciousness, and has received numerous awards such as Outstanding Teacher Award and Lifetime Achievement Award from MUM.

“Professor Baker tries to see the very best in everyone and culture a sense of confidence in each student,” says artist Jennifer Maidment former student of Mr. Baker. “Because his teaching is so simple, anybody who takes his class will know how to paint and how to draw.”

Professor Baker studied art at Cardiff University and College of Art in Wales. In 1968, he participated in a course in India with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and became a teacher of the Transcendental Meditation® technique. Subsequently, he taught the TM technique in Northern Europe and lectured at English universities on art and consciousness for seven years.

In 1979, Mr. Baker was invited to MIU to teach art history. “When I got here I was very exhilarated. ‘What a delightful place!’ I thought,” says Mr. Baker.

30 years later, Professor Baker is still charmed by the University and its students. His favorite activity is having lunch in the MUM dining hall. “I love seeing all the students, they are just adorable. They express their happiness in so many ways,” he says.

Mr. Baker makes the most of every experience. He joined the British Army in WWII and volunteered to become a parachuter so that he could travel. He visited Kenya, Egypt, and Palestine, among other countries, and accumulated an extensive collection of drawings that provided material for him for many years.

Mr. Baker has given numerous radio and television interviews, had his paintings exhibited at several galleries in London, and currently shows paintings at Burton Marinkovich Fine Art in Washington D.C.

Visit Professor Baker’s gallery at

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