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MAY 8, 2009 • ISSUE 34

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MUM students on the Rotating University Course


MUM students Justin Heaton and Benji Jones with Maharishi Institute Students


MUM students visit an elementary school in Johannesburg


Wildebeests in Ezemvelo Nature Reserve

Students Organize Youth Conference as Part of MUM Rotating University

In February, 11 MUM students travelled to South Africa on the Rotating University Course, visiting Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town, Kruger National Park, and Ezemvelo Nature Reserve.

The Rotating University Program is designed to enable students to learn about and interact with other cultures and develop their ability to act in accord with Natural Law in regions other than their own.

Students spent a week before the trip learning the history, languages, and geography of South Africa. While in South Africa, they spent several days with the students of the Maharishi Invincibility Institute getting to know them. They also planned and conducted a youth conference to build relationships between the two schools and among the youth in both nations.

“When you travel and visit other students who are involved in Consciousness-BasedSM education, that affirms your experience with it and connects you into a larger network of students,” said MUM student Jeremy Jones.

One of the major goals of the conference was to design projects that will provide revenue for the travel of exchange students, especially for South African students to visit MUM.

About 75 students participated in the brainstorming, team-building, and planning exercises. MUM students helped Maharishi Invincibility Institute students set up their student government and created projects such as a collaborative music CD, a poetry book including art, and a T-shirt featuring the logos of both schools.

“I was inspired by the drive and passion of the South African students and I am motivated to help make the ideas and projects we generated during the conference come to fruition,” said student Marissa Markowitz.

Marissa, who is the 2009 EcoFair organizer, heads one of the projects to showcase some traditional outfits designed by South African students at the Eco Jam, the sustainable fashion show of the annual MUM EcoFair. The clothes then can be auctioned to support the Maharishi Invincibility Institute.

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