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FEBRUARY 25, 2009 • ISSUE 27

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The planned home of the Maharishi College of Perfect Health and Maharishi Health Center


MUM students learn the self-pulse diagnosis in one of the Pre-Med classes


Dr. Robert Schneider, dean of the new Maharishi College of Perfect Health


Dr. Paul Morehead, director of the Pre-Med program, teaches self-pulse diagnosis


Dr. Nancy Lonsdorf, adjunct clinical faculty

MUM Launches Pre-Med Program
with Maharishi Integrative Medicine

Maharishi University of Management just launched a new Pre-Medical undergraduate program, which represents the first phase of the Maharishi Integrative Medicine program of the Maharishi College of Perfect Health.

“Maharishi wanted us to provide a complete package of health care that includes the best of all worlds to relieve suffering and promote longevity,” said Dr. Robert Schneider, dean of the new Maharishi College of Perfect Health.

Maharishi inspired this first-of-its-kind medical program to combine the most advanced practices of modern medicine with Maharishi Ayur-VedaSM as well as the most effective and scientific practices of other systems of natural medicine.

The Maharishi College of Perfect Health will be a prototype for medical education, clinical care and research for the whole world. In addition to the 20 departments of modern medicine, the college will have departments of natural systems such as traditional Chinese medicine, homeopathy, and manipulative medicine. The Maharishi Ayur-Veda section alone will contain 40 approaches ranging from the Department of Meditation Therapy, including the Transcendental Meditation® technique, to departments for sound therapy, light therapy, Maharishi RejuvenationSM therapy, Yoga therapy, Vedic Architecture, women’s health and men’s health.

To build on the four-year undergraduate degree, Dr. Schneider and his colleagues are pursuing accreditation for a medical school to offer an MD degree in conventional medicine along with an MS in natural medicine. Clinical rotation and practical training will be offered in the Maharishi Health Center, a patient oriented, holistic hospital. In addition, the College plans to collaborate with conventional hospitals interested in Maharishi Integrative Medicine.

“In offering access to all evidence-based healing modalities, the planned Maharishi College of Perfect Health and Maharishi Health Center promises fulfillment to the doctor as well as the patient,” said Dr. Nancy Lonsdorf, adjunct clinical faculty.

MUM’s Office of Admission has already received great interest in the degree program because of its uniqueness. Also, there is a shortage of doctors in the United States and not enough places in current medical schools to fill the need.

“This is the future of medicine,” said Marcus Chatfield, third-year student, “to have preventative medicine and blend it with the diagnostic and emergency technologies of allopathic medicine.”

“The Consciousness-Based approach of this program will yield beautiful doctors who will know how to help people because they are healthy,” said Tor Travis, first-year student. Marcus and Tor are among the first 10 students who already chose the Pre-Medical program as their major.

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