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DECEMBER 24, 2008

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Maharishi lighting a Hanukah Menorah in December 1980, in New Delhi.


Maharishi in the Patanjali Golden Dome, December 1983, Taste of Utopia Assembly.


Dr. Evan Finkelstein Professor of Maharishi Vedic Science.


“Although the terminologies are different, they all refer to the same one Ultimate Reality.”

Religious Holidays in Light of Maharishi Vedic Science

Christmas and Hanukah are holidays of religious traditions that remind us to put our attention on the highest: the Light of God. “Maharishi has explained that the value of all religious holidays, rituals, and prayers is to help us align our intelligence with the Cosmic Intelligence that governs everything in the universe with perfect order,” says Dr. Evan Finkelstein, professor of Maharishi Vedic ScienceSM at M.U.M.

Dr. Finkelstein has been reading the scriptures of different religions for 37 years with Maharishi’s instructions to “put the proper angle of understanding” to them, and to “correct any misunderstandings.” He earned his Ph.D. in 2005 with a dissertation on the scriptures of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam in light of Maharishi Vedic Science. He teaches two courses on Maharishi Vedic Science and religion at M.U.M. and was appointed National Director of Religion and Culture in 2007 by Maharishi.

Dr. Finkelstein points out that Maharishi has encouraged us to maintain our ancient cultural and religious traditions: in his book, Enlightenment to Every Individual – Invincibility to Every Nation, Maharishi wrote that “Cultural traditions are profound technologies which enliven the laws of nature in a particular area and enhance evolution” (p. 595).

Dr. Finkelstein explains that “As long as one develops one’s consciousness directly through the regular practice of Maharishi Technologies of ConsciousnessSM, religious ceremonies can serve to enliven the pure consciousness that has been growing through the practice of the Transcendental Meditation® and TM-Sidhi® Programs.”

As Maharishi wrote in Science of Being and Art of Living, “All the rituals of the various religions are like the body, and the practice of Transcendental Meditation is like the spirit. Both are necessary, they should go hand in hand. One will not survive without the other” (p. 251).

In addition, Maharishi has explained that for religious people, the experience of pure consciousness will result in a stronger appreciation of their religion and a deeper understanding of their scriptures and the scriptures of all religions. They will begin to experience the Unity that harmonizes all the differences and this will result in peace and fulfillment.

What religion describes as the Light of God, physics calls the Unified Field of all the Laws of Nature. Maharishi Vedic Science refers to it as the Unity of Knower, Knowing, and Known—Samhita of Rishi, Devata, and Chhandas. “Maharishi has often explained that although the terminologies are different, they all refer to the same one Ultimate Reality,” says Dr. Finkelstein.

Dr. Finkelstein also emphasized that the most direct way to experience that divine Ultimate Reality is through the regular practice of Maharishi’s Technologies of Consciousness because “they bring the mind, heart and physiology to the full experience of the Light of God, pure consciousness; it is this experience that makes every day a Holy day.”

“My Holiday wish is for people of all religions to begin the practice of Transcendental Meditation, so that the Light and Love of God can be effortlessly experienced by all,” says Dr. Finkelstein. “This experience, established in human life, will bring God’s Heaven on to earth.”

Jai Guru Dev

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