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DECEMBER 12, 2008

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Dr. Andrew Bargerstock (right) teaching at M.U.M.


The 2008 class of Accounting Professionals MBA.


M.U.M. students Subodh Dhakal and Raju Luitel (middle) with Rory Dechowitz, Comptroller (left) and Jeffrey Abramson (right), M.U.M. Trustee and Partner at The Tower Companies.


Deejay Bargerstock at KRUU radio station.

Professor Andrew Bargerstock Training Enlightened Accountants

Dr. Andrew Bargerstock, Director of the Accounting Professionals MBA Program, has spent half his career in business and the other half in higher education. After receiving his MBA from the University of Pittsburgh, he became a CPA and worked as an auditor with a major CPA firm, as well as an executive with a Fortune 500 company. He also founded two businesses, including Vanguard Resource Group, Inc., a human resource management consulting firm.

Dr. Bargerstock founded the Accounting Professionals MBA program at Maharishi University of Management and became a full-time Associate Professor in 2005. Dr. Bargerstock describes his department as “a cooperative MBA program where students study full-time on campus for several months and then fulfill two years of curricular practical training while completing academic requirements through distance education.”

In addition to administering the program, Dr. Bargerstock teaches a variety of accounting and management courses. He is also responsible for expansion: as a result of his and his staff’s efforts, new student enrollment has grown from thirty-nine students in the first year to ninety-three students in 2008. The majority of students come from countries such as Nepal and Ethiopia, and many have found training positions with Washington, D.C., area CPA firms, manufacturing companies, as well as healthcare and service organizations.

Accounting students Subodh Dhakal and Raju Luitel from Nepal are completing their curricular training with The Tower Companies in Rockville, Maryland.

“The Accounting Professionals MBA program is well designed to provide the theoretical concepts of accounting and its practical implementations in the U.S. work environment,” says Mr. Dhakal.

“The outstanding and experienced faculty, the wonderful academic environment and the Transcendental Meditation® technique at M.U.M. made the real foundation for my career and gave me a competitive advantage,” Mr. Luitel says.

With 15 years of MBA and undergraduate teaching experience at various universities, Dr. Bargerstock finds M.U.M. students to be his favorite group to teach. “They are fresh spirits who come to class with a zest for life and keen enthusiasm for learning," he says. “It is so refreshing to work with such a group.”

In his spare time, Andrew Bargerstock hosts a radio music show called Fringe Toast on Fairfield’s nonprofit FM station KRUU-FM every Wednesday at 8 p.m. “I relive my days as a college DJ in Pennsylvania during the 1970s,” he says. “My goal is to bring bliss to the listener.”

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