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OCTOBER 3, 2008

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Dr. Robert Schneider

Dr. Robert Schneider opens the conference

Dr. Stuart Rothenberg

Dr. Stuart Rothenberg discusses insurance reimbursement for instruction of the TM program

Dr. Nancy Lonsdorf

Dr. Nancy Lonsdorf presents the Maharishi Ayur-Veda approach to women’s reproductive health

Ashley Deans

Conference participants

University Hosts
Conference on
Maharishi Vedic
Approach to Health

The American Association of Health Professionals Practicing the Transcendental Meditation Program held its inaugural conference last weekend on the campus of Maharishi University of Management. 60 doctors, RNs, and other health professionals gathered to share their research and experience on Maharishi Vedic Approach to HealthSM.

Robert Schneider MD, Director of the Institute of Natural Medicine and Prevention at M.U.M. and National Director of AAHPPTMP presented the most recent breakthroughs in scientific research on the Transcendental Meditation® program while Dr. John Hagelin explained the theory of Unified Field-Based Medicine. Other presentations focused on practical applications including evaluation and treatment of digestive health, mental health and respiratory health, and how to apply for health insurance reimbursement for the TM® technique. Participants could claim up to 8.5 Category 1 Continual Medical Education credits.

“The objective of the conference was to educate health professionals about Maharishi Ayur-VedaSM and the TM program, and how to apply them in medical practice,” says Stuart Rothenberg MD, National Co-Director of AAHPPTMP.

Dr. Nancy Lonsdorf, who spoke on the value of the Maharishi Vedic Approach to Health for women, said, “Doctors can be heroes to their patients on an every day basis, because this knowledge of Maharishi Ayur-Veda empowers doctors to truly restore the health of their patients.”

Steve Thibault MD from Michigan introduced Ayurveda into his family practice gradually. “25 percent of my practice is now Ayurveda and I come away from it more fulfilled than my patients,” he says. Derek Anderson MD from Iowa learnt the Transcendental Meditation program two weeks ago. “This was my first exposure to Maharishi Ayur-Veda and I’m looking forward to more courses,” he says. “This conference gave me a theoretical basis of how consciousness relates to health,” says Dr. Cathleen Rapp from California.

The association plans to hold a live conference at least once a year and also offer courses online. Raja John Hagelin, who inspired the conference, also encouraged the establishment of Maharishi Colleges of Perfect Health and Maharishi Medical Centers around the country. “We need to transform the health of the country to prevent disease and the spiraling of health-care costs which threaten our economy,” says Dr. Rothenberg.

The material of the conference will be available online in one-hour segments for CME credit within a few weeks at the AAHPPTMP website.

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