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SEPTEMBER 26, 2008

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Maharishi in the Patanjali Golden Dome

Mayor Malloy with the delegation from Beit Shemesh and Raja Rogers Badgett

Dr. Bevan Morris

Mayor Malloy and
Mayor Daniel Vaknin

Evan Finkelstein

Fairfield Cultural District

Ashley Deans

Fairfield Arts and Convention Center and new street-scape

Fairfield Mayor
Taps into His
Town’s Creativity

Mayor Malloy juggles his many responsibilities with ease. He oversees the city council as well as 14 boards and commissions, he is president of Danaher Oil Company, and he still finds time to appear at community events and University celebrations.

Ed Malloy moved to Fairfield in 1980 to join the M.U.M. Super Radiance community. He served on the city council for eight years before running for mayor in 2001. “I wanted to take advantage of the creativity and talent that was underutilized,” says Mayor Malloy.

To start with, Mr. Malloy initiated an ambitious ten-year strategic plan that included the Fairfield Arts and Convention Center, home of the first professional touring musical theatre company in Iowa. “The FACC not only showcases brilliant local talent but it has attracted well-known names from Broadway and Hollywood,” says Malloy.

The strategic plan also contains a trail system around town, redesigning the downtown street-scape, making Fairfield a cultural district, strengthening economic development, creating 1000 new jobs, and a sustainability plan. According to Mr. Malloy, 65 percent of these goals were accomplished in the first five years of the plan.

The sustainability plan is currently under revision to include a renewable energy feasibility study, a greenhouse gas emissions inventory and mitigation plan, and green building incentives. Mr. Malloy intends to turn Fairfield into a model green town for Iowa. The city is planning to work with students from the M.U.M. Sustainable Living Program to execute these plans.

Mr. Malloy’s favorite responsibility is talking about his extraordinary community. This last August, he had the chance to do that when Mayor Daniel Vaknin of Beit Shemesh, Israel toured Fairfield, Maharishi University of Management, and many local businesses. His was one of the 75 Israeli towns Raja Kingsley Brooks, Raja of Israel, invited to Fairfield. Mr. Malloy plans to return the visit to Israel next spring.

“Fairfield has so much potential as a global leader for the size of community we are,” says Malloy of his vision for Fairfield. “We can find where the next trend is going to bubble up and give voice to it.” Mr. Malloy is not overconfident in his approach. A recent University of Iowa study found Jefferson County, home of Fairfield, the 5th most creative of the 99 counties in Iowa.

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