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SEPTEMBER 12, 2008

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at convocation

Students at convocation at MUM

in class

Chinese students in class
at the MUM campus

in class

Chinese students in class
at the MUM campus


Students with Dr Zhu and ESL instructors Debbie Thompson and Paula Armstrong

21 New students arrived
from MUM Beijing campus

21 students from China enrolled this August to continue their B.A. in Business Administration or MBA degrees as part of the joint degree program offered by Maharishi University of Management and its partner college in China. This is the highest number of undergraduate students to arrive in one semester since the first student received a visa in 2004.

“This time, every student who applied for a visa received one, due to the efforts of both schools’ personnel, as well as MUM’s legal counsel,” says Dr Yunxiang Zhu, Associate Dean of Asian Expansion. Dr Zhu just returned from a six-month trip to China where he completed the first Transcendental Meditation Teacher Training Course ever held in China.

Ever since he graduated from MUM in 1991, Dr Zhu has dreamed of bringing Maharishi’s Consciousness-BasedSM education to his home country. His work finally came to fruition in 2001 when MUM partnered with Overseas Chinese College, now a college of the Capital University of Economics and Business in Beijing, with enrollment of 20,000 students.

The international faculty of the affiliate college offers the first two years of classes while MUM professors teach in the third and fourth years. The MUM curriculum in China is identical to the curriculum in Fairfield including the introduction of the Transcendental Meditation® program and Vedic ScienceSM. Students now also have the option to complete their degrees on the MUM campus in Fairfield.

“This program is very attractive to students in China, because they receive two diplomas and the MUM degree is fully accepted in China” says Dr Zhu. MUM’s continued presence and good reputation attracts more students than other foreign colleges. “Students really appreciate the friendliness of the faculty and the unique style of education.”

A new aspect of the collaboration is the student exchange program, where MUM students can complete some of their courses on the Beijing campus while exploring the native culture.

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