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Troy van Beek

Troy van Beek and friend

Desert Warrior

The “Desert Warrior,” outfitted for enviro-friendly racing

Desert Warrior

Troy and other students in the Sustainable Living Program

Sustainable Living student
to race in Dakar Rally —
running biodiesel!

What could be more cutting edge: an off-road rally across South America by an MUM Sustainable Living student and former Navy Seal, burning biodesiel fuel and promoting consciousness-based solutions to the world’s problems?

MUM’s Troy van Beek has joined racing team Kenya Kwanza for the January 2009 Dakar Rally, which this year will be Buenos Aires – Chile – Buenos Aires. As navigator for the high-performance team, Troy will be talking up the importance of his Transcendental Meditation® practice for keeping him in top form during the grueling, 15-day race, as well as the significance of biodiesel for creating a new era of racing, and higher consciousness for changing the world.

“During these times we need to remain socially responsible in all aspects of what we do, even in the racing industry,” says Troy. His team intends to run the entire race with little or no environmental impact.

Seeking sponsorship of $50,000, the team is reaching out to sustainable leaders to help finance the event and to guide the team in best practices for the future of rally racing.

Troy was in the U.S. Navy from 1994-2003. After leaving the Navy, his interest in spiritual development led him to Google the word ‘enlightenment.’

“MUM kept coming up. I had no idea there was a university where meditation is an integral part of the curriculum. I've always found life to be an adventure, but coming to MUM has brought this adventure to a whole new level. I now know what has been driving me all these years, the search for deeper meaning. Meditation has been a gift that keeps me aligned and allows me to continuously stretch my boundaries. For me this is what life is about.”

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