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AUGUST 29, 2008

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Visitors to MUM

Visitors to MUM during a David Lynch Weekend — such events have played a part in increased enrollment

MUM students performing

MUM students performing at the David Lynch Weekend

Student Center lobby

The Argiro Student Center lobby with students and visitors

Big Jump in MUM’s
New Student Enrollment

This fall semester has seen a 37% increase in new students at MUM compared to Fall 2007 — and a 44% increase in new undergraduates. MUM’s total enrollment has doubled over the last three years and tripled since 2000.

Why the growing success? University administrators attribute word of mouth, new strategies for telling people about the University, and the rising interest in Consciousness-BasedSM education.

“There’s a fundamental change happening among students in America,” says Ron Barnett, Dean of Admissions. “More and more, students are sensing there's something beneath the surface that's missing in their life. And they’re becoming increasingly aware that conventional approaches to solving problems and preventing war and suffering are superficial and ineffective. What they want from their education is more than career preparation. They want to discover the greater reality within them, and to be with others on that same quest.”

“When students come to one of our monthly Visitors Weekends or David Lynch Weekend, they realize that what they've been seeking isn't just a remote dream. Over and over they tell us they've never seen students and professors like ours, and they want to be part of what's happening here.”

The fastest growing undergraduate degree is the Sustainable Living Program, with 33 returning majors and over 60 students entering the major this semester.

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