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AUGUST 8, 2008

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David Lynch Children David Lynch Donovan

David Lynch and Donovan
tour Brazil

In a place where millions of school-age children are illiterate, and nearly half the children live in households with monthly incomes under $275, young people have every reason to feel troubled about their future.

Enter the Transcendental Meditation® program.

Earlier this week in Brazil, a group of 3500 meditating students assembled in their schools’ antiquated, neglected gymnasium and transformed it into an arena of hope and celebration. They gathered to honor David Lynch and Donovan — and express their gratitude for the gift of meditation. The children were gleeful and bright — lit from within — and having the time of their lives.

Over 40,000 children throughout Latin America have learned to meditate. The David Lynch Foundation has provided them with this cutting-edge educational technology to overcome stress and tap their inner resourcefulness, to help them build a better life.

Mr. Lynch, a Trustee of Maharishi University of Management, entered the gym to thunderous applause. “TM is a priceless diamond that each of you should cherish throughout your life,” he told them, adding that he had not missed a twice-daily meditation in 35 years — “and neither should any of you!”

Donovan and local singing star Claudia wowed the kids with song. As the pictures show, the students were overjoyed.

Thanks to the David Lynch Foundation, the future of Brazil is looking bright.

David Lynch

Students help David Lynch
launch internet TV station

Filmmaker David Lynch has a new brainchild: an Internet television station to showcase the benefits of the Transcendental Meditation program in the lives of students, artists, musicians, actors, athletes and others. Lynch has hired award-winning student filmmakers at Maharishi University of Management to help with the project. Lynch will appear regularly on the station with news of his foundation’s progress and to offer film, painting, sculpture, and photography competitions. The launching of the website will coincide with the release this fall of Lynch’s new documentary (working title: “Catching the Big Fish”), about his ‘07 European tour promoting the TM® program for students.

Amine Kouider

Click here to view film.

MUM student wins top award
for documentary film

Amine Kouider, a Communications and Media student at Maharishi University of Management, has won the top student award from the Iowa Motion Picture Association. Kouider received the 2008 Award of Excellence from the Association’s Annual Awards competition for his 13-minute documentary about renowned Algerian artist Malek Salah. The film was featured at the recent opening of Algeria’s Museum of Modern Art. Salah, one of the most revered artists in the Arab world, learned the Transcendental Meditation technique in 1977. In Kouider’s film, the artist says his creative flow began when he learned meditation. “Right away there was a transformation at the level of perception... It opened the doors of creativity.”

This is the second consecutive year that an MUM student has won the award. In 2007, student Geoff Boothby was honored for his 22-minute film, titled “We Are Theo,” co-written by fellow student Cullen Thomas.

The University’s Communications and Media program offers concentrations in video and audio production, graphic and web design, or professional writing.

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