Why Study Art at MUM?    

 'Creation of art is expression of life, and that is why it is fulfilling to life. It is the expression of oneself.'
—Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

  • Because you can experience the ultimate source of creativity that inspires great artists. Many artists have experienced this source, but have not known how to repeat the experience. At MUM you will learn systematic meditation techniques to cultivate this experience.
  • Because you can enjoy effortless, stress-free creativity in art and in life. As they reduce their stress through Transcendental Meditation, MUM students report the blocks to their creativity disappear and they enjoy life more.
  • Because you can dive deeply into art with no other courses to worry about. At other art schools, students have to juggle four or five courses. At MUM you can focus on one course at a time. 
  • Because you can enjoy a balanced daily routine that sustains a high level of studio work. At other art schools, students often suffer from overwork, lack of sleep, and stress overload. MUM encourages a healthy daily routine including meditation and sufficient sleep. 
  • Because you can be around uplifting people who support your desire for personal growth. Imagine living and creating with students and faculty who share your aspirations for self-development.  
  • Because you can gain the personal guidance of caring, experienced artists in small classes. At other art schools, students often learn from Teaching Assistants in large classes. At MUM you will be taught by professional artists. 
  • Because you can interact with faculty who challenge and constructively support your artistic growth. At other art schools, harsh criticism is often the norm. MUM faculty seek to nurture students to bring out their latent talent.
  • Because you can live in a unique creative and spiritual community of artists, filmmakers, musicians, and dramatists. Thousands of people practicing Transcendental Meditation in Fairfield creates an incredibly enlivening and supportive artistic environment.
  • Because you can help create a peaceful and progressive world. The group meditation practice at MUM creates coherence and harmony in collective consciousness, transforming society.
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