Why Study Art?    

Art became for man a necessity, not a luxury…without art, life is incomplete.”
—Art and the Creative Teacher

  • Because you want to awaken your artistic potential.
By sharing your gift the whole world is enriched.
  • Because you want to communicate effectively.
Art is a universal language.
  • Because you want to be ready for life’s challenges.
Studying art cultures flexibility, resiliency, and commitment.
  • Because you like to think out-of-the-box.
Making art cultures creative problem solving.
  • Because you like to design and make things.
A harmonious sense of design is much needed in today’s world.
  • Because you want to integrate your heart, mind, senses, and soul.
Practicing art integrates the artist’s personality.
  • Because you want to see with the vision of an artist.
Artists create the future.

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