Our Mission    

Mission Statement

The Department of Art seeks to actualize the full potential of consciousness in our students, unfolding creativity and fulfillment in both art and life. We seek to cultivate artists whose lives and work express refined and evolutionary values, and who have the proficiency and confidence to succeed in careers in the arts. We aim to culture in our students an enduring enthusiasm for creative practice, along with a deep appreciation for how art enriches the awareness of the individual and the culture. We offer experience and understanding of art in the light of Maharishi Science and Technology of Consciousness, and artistic skills that empower students to be active participants in creating a culture that expresses beauty, joy, and the wholeness of life.

Goals for the B.A. Program

  • Develop consciousness as the basis of creativity and art
  • Culture an appreciation of art and art history
  • Cultivate communication skills
  • Cultivate information literacy
  • Develoop knowledge and skills for creating art
  • Culture the expression of life-supporting values
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