Why Study Art?

“Art became for man a necessity, not a luxury…without art, life is incomplete.” — Art and the Creative Teacher
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Why Study Art at MUM?

“I love art as the whole end of my life. Everything I do in connection with it brings me tremendous joy.” — Picasso
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Discover your Creative Source

"It is this self which I am searching [for] in my life and in my art. Art is creative for the sake of realization, not for amusement. It is the quest of our Self." — Max Beckmann
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Explore your Creativity

We are creative when we are truly connected to ourselves. MUM students practice the Transcendental Meditation (TM) technique, a simple and effortless tool for discovering their inner creative potential.

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Create through Diverse Media

Learn to express yourself through the media of drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, ceramics, and multimedia.
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Connect with the World of Art

Go on field trips to Chicago, San Francisco, New York City. Get firsthand experience of famous artists and their work. Understand the cultural context of contemporary artists.
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Find out more: 1-800-369-6480 or admissions@mum.edu

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