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Maharishi University of Management
Maharishi University of Management

Dear alumni and friends,

An education at Maharishi University of Management is the greatest gift each of us could offer to this generation.

Students are applying from all over the world to MUM these days. Some are children of Governors and Sidhas, growing up with meditation all their lives and wanting to become leaders in their countries and teach to their generation. One of our graduates this year, Juan Camilo Estrada-Parra, was an orphan on the streets in Medellin, Columbia. As a boy he was taken in by Father Gabriel Mejia, into his Center de Hogares Claret, where, along with hundreds of other abandoned children, he received a loving home as well as the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi programs. He just graduated with a degree in Physiology and Health and is returning to Colombia to help Father Mejia.

Hundreds of other students all over the world yearn to come to Maharishi University of Management — and just need a little help to do so. With modest scholarship support we could literally triple the number of students on campus this year and change the direction of their lives — and through them the future of their countries.

Our Annual Fund is critical to the University — it supports student scholarships and many other vital University functions. And with cutbacks in Federal financial aid support, it’s even more critical that we meet students’ tuition needs through our own institutional aid and continue giving this education to our precious students.

I have been so excited to see the University’s progress. We've had another year of outstanding achievements:

  • record enrollment for our Computer Professionals program
  • top honors for our Accounting MBA students in a national competition
  • the first students graduating from our new David Lynch MA in Film program
  • the new MA in Sustainable Living ready to start this fall
  • our new Institute of Asian Studies
  • the first graduation of students from the Maharishi Invincibility Institute in Johannesburg, South Africa, who were awarded BA in business degrees from Maharishi University of Management
  • faculty research and publications
  • visits by delegations from Japan, China, Ukraine, Algeria, and other countries
  • national recognition for our sustainable campus
  • a new master plan to take our beautiful campus to the next level and accommodate rapid growth.

If you’ve met our students, you’ll realize, as I do, that we are truly training the next generation of leaders worldwide. They are born to lead! Our Enlightened Leadership Program (ELP), now two years old, is giving leadership skills to our students and our younger faculty and staff — and to a growing number of young people in Maharishi’s organizations all over the world, who are joining ELP and connecting to meetings by Skype.

If you haven’t seen Jim Carrey’s funny yet profound commencement address, you can view it here. Millions of people worldwide have now watched this, and the number keeps climbing. He really knows how to reach this generation. Maharishi University of Management is “on the map” more than ever before.

And have you read The Supreme Awakening, the new book by MUM Executive Vice-President Dr. Craig Pearson? It’s a treasure chest of experiences of enlightenment from great people across time. It shows how Maharishi’s model of higher states of consciousness explains these experiences — and how people practicing the Transcendental Meditation technique are effortlessly having the same experiences described by Laozi, Plato, Wordsworth, Einstein, and many others. It's available at MUM Press. His book is such an inspiration to pursue higher states of consciousness in your life. I plan to give books to 500 thought leaders to help make this part of the national conversation in America.

More than $56,000 in matching funds is still available — so you can double the impact of your Annual Fund gift before June 30. Click here to make your contribution online — it just takes a couple of minutes.

On behalf of everyone involved with our treasured University, I thank you for your generous support — gifts that will be cherished by generations.

With Best Wishes,

Dr. Jeffrey Abramson

Jeffrey Abramson

Chair, Board of Trustees, Maharishi University of Management
Partner, The Tower Companies, Rockville, Maryland

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