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1. What are the criteria for admission?

When reviewing applicants for admission, we consider each prospective student’s overall potential. Factors include:

  • academic record
  • enthusiasm for learning
  • dedication to developing full potential
  • extracurricular activities and/or work experience
  • recommendations from teachers, employers, or others who know the applicant well
  • other information, including answers to essay questions and personal interviews

2. Do I need to take the SAT or ACT?

Most applicants don’t need to take the SAT or ACT. However, if the high school grade point average (GPA) is less than 2.5, one of these tests is often required.

3. Will I have an interview with an admissions counselor?

Yes, an interview is a required part of the application process for both undergraduate and graduate programs. The best time for the interview is during a Visitors Weekend. When a visit to the campus is not possible, the interview is done over the telephone.

4. When are Visitors Weekends offered?

Visitors Weekends are offered monthly, except August and February. These events provide a complete introduction to the University and are highly recommended for prospective students and their families.

5. How do I apply for admission?

Apply online for admission to Maharishi University of Management. There is no application processing fee for U.S. citizens or green card holders. International applicants submit an application processing fee of $50.

6. When does the academic year begin?

The academic year for most programs begins in mid-August. We also have a spring semester admission in February for many undergraduate and graduate programs. Some graduate programs may have different entry dates. Check with the Office of Admissions for details of program starting dates.

7. What is the deadline for applying?

Apply early to ensure sufficient time for processing of your application. Applications received less than one month prior to the entry date will be considered on a space available basis due to a limit of the number of acceptances MUM can give for each entry.

Once the maximum intake is reached, new applicants will need to wait for the next entry.

Some graduate programs may have different deadlines.

8. Can I be accepted with a GED or home-study certificate?

Applicants who did not complete their high school study are required to submit one of the following:

  • General Educational Development (GED) certificate; or
  • A certificate of completion of a home-study program if the program is recognized by the student’s home state, or if the program is not recognized by the student’s state, the state must not consider the student to be in violation of truancy laws. Home-schooled applicants must also submit a complete home schooling record.

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