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Sustainable Living Internships videoWe have thriving internship programs at MUM. The Block System makes it easy for students to schedule time for internships. Instead of taking five classes simultaneously per semester, students take one class at a time -- one per month. Undergraduates can earn up to four months of credits (16 credits) for internships. Students can do internships one month at a time or multiple months in a row.

Internships are coordinated by the Academic departments. Please see the following for more information:
  •  Media & Communications internship opportunities
  •  Sustainable Living internship opportunities
  •  Art internship opportunities
  •  Music internship opportunities
  •  MBA Sustainable Business internships opportunities
  •  Computer Science Graduate Program internship opportunities (Students in the Computer Science graduate program undertake up to two years of curricular practical training internship at a top US company.)

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