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Maharishi Universityof Management

BA in Regenerative Organic Agriculture

“A truly regenerative agriculture is one in which all the natural resources we use to produce food get renewed in the process of using them.”

– Fred Kirschenmann, thought leader in regenerative organic agriculture

“A truly regenerative agriculture is one in which all the natural resources we use to produce food get renewed in the process of using them.”

– Fred Kirschenmann, thought leader in regenerative organic agriculture

MUM is the first accredited university to offer a degree program in Regenerative Organic Agriculture. You’ll learn a variety of skills—including how to grow food sustainably, sell produce, and more—in hands-on classes with expert faculty.

You’ll graduate with the knowledge, experience, and connections you need to pursue any career in sustainable agriculture.

Farm In harmony with nature

You’ll combine biodynamic agriculture methods with modern science to learn totally renewable and environmentally-friendly agricultural techniques.

You’ll become an environmentally responsible steward of the land by using natural resources that are renewed during the farming process.

Learn practical skills from seed to sale

Through our hands-on approach, you’ll develop a complete seed-to-sale farm system. You’ll be selling your own organic produce before you’ve even graduated.

You’ll be fully prepared with the practical skills you need for your choice of career in sustainable agriculture, be it starting your own organic farm, working with international sustainability organizations, working as an agricultural consultant, and more.

Become an advocate for our planet

You’ll go beyond just learning agricultural techniques—you’ll have the opportunity to study writing, journalism, environmental advocacy, sustainable community development and more.

Grow into your full potential

You’ll learn the Transcendental Meditation® (TM) technique, an evidence-based technique that helps you to learn more efficiently and effectively while reducing stress.

In addition to meditating daily, you’ll learn teamwork and critical thinking skills that will help you contribute to our world in a positive and sustainable way.

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International partnerships

We’ve partnered with several top sustainable agriculture associations from around the world– including IFOAM, Demeter, and Agribio–to create a program with international credibility.

Upon completion of this program, you’ll be recognized for your expertise in sustainable agriculture, and well-prepared for your career.

What you’ll get from our BA program:

  • A BA in Regenerative Organic Agriculture from Maharishi University of Management.
  • A certificate in Regenerative Organic Agriculture through collaborations with these organizations: International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM), the Biodynamic Association, Demeter Association, Agribio (Italy), and SD Foundation (India).
  • Opportunities to work with a national and international network of institutions specializing in food hub internships, farm-to-table operations, and urban food programs.
  • Apprenticeship opportunities in organic and biodynamic farms in the mainland U.S. and in Nepal, Italy, Costa Rica, Indonesia (Bali), India, Kenya, Uganda, Canada, Hawaii, and more.

About the program director

sl-thim2The program is lead by Dr. Appachanda Thimmaiah, who has spent his career developing low-cost organic farming solutions worldwide. Dr. Thimmaiah has advised various international organizations, agri-business corporations, governments and NGO’s in India, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Italy, Holland, and Costa Rica, and facilitated Bhutan’s transition to the world’s first 100% organic and carbon neutral nation.

Everything You Need to Know About the Program


Our Cost & Aid calculator (select “undergraduate”) provides info on the program’s cost and aid. Over 90% of MUM students receive extensive financial aid, and many can enroll with little or no resources.
Entries for the BA program are held every spring (February) and fall (August). See our academic calendar for more information.

Apply anytime to the program and your application will be processed by our Admissions Office.

We’ll notify you of the acceptance decision within two weeks of receiving your application form and other required materials.

If you wish to learn TM before enrolling, visit to find a TM center near you. All students who haven’t yet learned TM will be instructed during their first week at MUM.
Complete our application form, including Bachelor’s for your degree and Regenerative Organic Agriculture (BA) for your intended major.
Yes, see our certification page for more details about our stand-alone certification program.

Students with an associate’s degree

If you have an Associate’s degree and/or 60 transfer credits, you are eligible to enter the two-year track of our BA in Regenerative Organic Agriculture.

View the program’s 2-year Course Schedule


For information on the cost of our Regenerative Organic Agriculture program, visit our Cost & Aid Calculator here.

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