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The question of success in life is very simple. Success means two things: The ability to aspire to achieve great things, and the ability achieve one’s desires.

To aspire for high achievements, one has to have a broader vision; to achieve that higher vision, one needs a high level of competence of the faculties of thinking and action. In both areas, in the area of comprehension of a broad horizon of possibility, and in the area of capability of action, every individual human being has unlimited  really infinite creative potential. If an individual is not successful, if he is not capable of desiring great things, or is incapable of fulfilling his desires, then he is not living up to his potential. He has the potential, but he is not using it: He is not using his total brain.

Full potential of the human brain

William James, an early 20th century psychologist and pragmatist philosopher, opined that man uses only 5 to 10% of his full brain potential. If we are not using full potential, if we are not harnessing the innate and inherent creativity latent within every human nervous system, then it is essential in order to progress, in order to succeed more and more day by day, to start to use more and more of our full brain.

The greater the achievement and accomplishment of the individual, the more likelihood that they had the experience of pure consciousness and wrote about it.​
There are innumerable schemes for creating success in life, involving all kinds of practices, from diet, to exercise, to using a daytimer to organize one’s time, to learning speed-reading, to visualization of success, and all manner of other mental practices, but if those practices, in whatever field of life they may focus, do not teach you to use your total brain, then they will not tap that unbounded infinite potential that is latent with everyone, they will not succeed in harnessing the full power of the human brain, and the results can only be mediocre at best.

The most successful people

The most successful people in history, in all cultures throughout the ages, have had clear experiences of pure consciousness, and they have written about them and described their experiences.

Dr. Ken Chandler has made a systematic study of the experience of pure consciousness by the great thinkers and inventors and successful people of the last few thousand years. This is what he found:

Pure consciousness

The results of Dr. Chandler’s research are described in the video below. See the full transcript of the video here
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi explains that there is only one thing that engages the total brain, and that is the experience of transcendental consciousness, pure consciousness, pure existence, pure Being, samadhi, the direct experience of infinite all-pervading consciousness. This experience alone engages the total brain.

And Maharishi says, there has never been, nor will ever be any way to engage the total brain other than the direct experience of pure transcendental consciousness, which is so easily gained by the practice of the Transcendental Meditation technique.

Wellspring of human creativity

What happens when not just one individual, but an entire society begins to use their full brain potential, and through technologies of consciousness, have regular access to the infinite depths of the human mind with its unlimited organizing power?

The result is a dramatic flowering of all the arts and sciences, richness of success in every area of human endeavor, the blossoming of a golden age in human civilization.

A case study implementing this principle of harnessing the total brain for individual success, and for the progress of the whole civilization, is demonstrated in the culture of ancient Greece in 5th century B.C.E. There through the Mysteries of Eleusis, thousands of people were initiated into practices of transcending every year, and the result was such an enormous broad based flowering of human creativity, that we call that wellspring of human creativity and imagination the birthplace of Western civilization.


Maharishi's technologies

The technologies of accessing the total brain potential, and experiencing infinity, unboundedness, the same technologies that gave rise to the flowering of ancient Greece, are easily available today through the simple effortless practice of the Transcendental Meditation technique, made available all over the world by His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

Maharishi Vedic Science is the comprehensive knowledge of all the facets of human potential, including the 40 aspects or divisions that make up the architecture of the human nervous system, and comprise what we call the total brain potential, and the knowledge of the seven states of consciousness of man, which detail all the principle modes of functioning of the human nervous system, and how the individual can rise to the highest level of consciousness where he has unrestricted access to his total brain potential.

With the knowledge of Maharishi Vedic Science, and the technologies of consciousness which Maharishi has taught, we have the ability to create a new civilization on a global scale, based on the total knowledge of life.

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Dr. Peter Freund is a faculty member in the Department of Maharishi Vedic Science and director of the Maharishi University of Management Tape Library. His doctoral research at MUM was on the curriculum of reading of the Vedic Literature for the doctoral students in Maharishi Vedic Science who read through the entire Vedic Literature in sequence. Dr. Freund launched and now maintains the Vedic Reserve website, with 60,000 pages of Vedic Literature in Sanskrit, putting the entire Vedic Literature at the fingertips of every student. Dr. Freund gained his B.A. in philosophy at Antioch College, a Masters in Science, Technology and Society from Pennsylvania State University, and a Masters in Vedic Studies from Maharishi European Research University, Switzerland.

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