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M.U.M Knowledge Fair 2014    

M.U.M. Knowledge Fair 2014

Student Guidelines

The M.U.M. Knowledge Fair is a celebration of the Senior Projects from the M.U.M. majors.  This document provides information for those students who have been selected to represent their departments at the Knowledge Fair.

Purpose: The purposes of the Knowledge Fair are multiple, including to:

  • Bring the undergraduate student body together in a shared academic experience, modeled on the structure of an academic conference
  • Highlight the unifying value of integrating the Science of Consciousness into the academic disciplines
  • Demonstrate the growth of knowledge and skills that allowed the presenter to do the research and answer the selected research question
  • Give continuing students a vision of the goal and inspire them to do interesting, challenging Senior Projects that they will want to share with the student body

Dates:  All students who are doing Senior Projects this semester will present their Senior Projects to the faculty and students in their departments. If you are chosen to represent your department at the Knowledge Fair, you will make two more presentations, as follows:

  • Monday, May 19: Monday afternoon (between 3:15 and 4:30 PM) or Monday evening (between 7 and 9 PM) in Dalby Hall to a panel of judges.
  • Tuesday, May 20: Tuesday afternoon (1 to 3:15 PM) in Dalby Hall to an audience that includes your peers (other undergraduate students), faculty, University Trustees, and the same judges as on Monday. This event will be followed by a reception.

Format: The structure for your two Knowledge Fair presentations should be:

  • Monday: A 6– to 7–minute oral presentation, which will be followed by 5-8 minutes of questions and answers to questions posed by the judges
  • Tuesday: A 6– to 7–minute oral presentation which will be followed by 2 minutes of questions and answers to questions from the audience.

Your presentation should be a live, oral presentation and include some visual supporting material (such as slides, self-made video clips, or props). Your presentation will be introduced briefly by the emcee and timed by a timekeeper.

Task: Your challenge is to synthesize your Senior Project in a concise oral presentation (see the attached Evaluation Criteria) for a diverse audience who may or may not be familiar with issues in your discipline.

Awards: The University and the Student Government will provide awards, as follows:

  1. University Knowledge Fair Awards. The University will provide three cash awards: first place ($300), second place ($200) and third place ($100). Evaluation Criteria for these awards are attached.Judging for these three awards will be conducted by three outside evaluators, who will have two opportunities to watch you present. You will be notified if you are selected as a winner of one of these awards. These awards will be announced at the Commencement Awards Ceremony on the evening of May 23.
  2. Student Government Awards. Student Government will be making awards based on criteria that Student Government is developing. We plan to announce these awards after the group meditation at the Knowledge Fair on Tuesday afternoon, May 20.

Evaluation Criteria: A copy of the Evaluation Criteria that the judges will be using is attached. 

Action Steps: If you are chosen to represent your department at the Knowledge Fair:

  1. Please notify Dr. Jane Schmidt-Wilk, Dean of Teaching and Learning (
    1. Give her your name, the title of your talk, your email address, and the best phone number to reach you.
    2. Schedule your Monday talk (afternoon or evening) with Dr. Schmidt-Wilk.
  2. Bring your visuals to Dalby Hall for your talk on Monday. If you are using slides, bring them on a flash drive. If you are using other forms of media, please discuss this with Dr. Schmidt-Wilk.
  3. Dress professionally for both events. For men that means suit or coat, shirt with a collar and tie. For women that means suit, jacket and skirt, or dress and jacket. Make sure there is a place on your outfit where you could pin a microphone. Avoid wearing jewelry that could make noise on the microphones.
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