Entrance Requirements
Graduation Requirements
Program Learning Assessments
Post Graduate Certificate Intern Program
Graduation Requirements    
In order to qualify for the Post Graduate Certificate in Maharishi Vedic Science, students must successfully complete 30 credits of course work including the Capstone Writing Project, with a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or better.
Students must successfully complete 5 out of the following 6 courses:
• MVS 573 Vedic Knowledge for Everyone, 4 credits

• MVS 574 Automation in Administration, 4 credits

• MVS 575 Sovereignty in Invincibility, 4 credits

• MVS 576 The Structuring Dynamics of the Human Physiology, 4 credits

• MVS 577 Rāmāyan in the Human Physiology, 4 credits

• MVS 578 Dawn of Total Knowledge, 4 credits
Students must complete,

• MVS 579 Capstone Writing Project, 4 credits
Students must complete 6 credits of Sanskrit seminars

• MVS 524 Overview of Sanskrit, 1 credit

• MVS 527 Advanced Sanskrit : Reading the Vedic Literature to Enliven the Language of Nature Within, 1 credit for each of 5 courses
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