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How to become a TA    

Update: All TA processing now goes through the Dean of Faculty office, rather than the Human Resources office.

These steps must be completed for EVERY block assisted:

1. Faculty of the course must fill out the online TA Request Form for each course requested.
2. The TA must fill out the online TA Information Form for each course requested.
3. The TA contacts Amellia in the Dean of Faculty office to complete the necessary paperwork for approval and hire/payroll paperwork.
    ~You can begin the process by having this Governor Recommendation Form (PDF) signed by 4 TM Teachers who know you, and then returned to Amellia in the Dean of Faculty office. 

4. The TA contacts Amellia to receive benefits before the course. Meals will not be given after a course is finished.
5. Faculty or Department Administrator signs the completed timesheet. It is returned to dof@mum.edu within 4 days of the last day of the course.

The TA must agree to these 5 points:
1. I will not join the classroom before I have notification from the Dean of Faculty office.
2. I must have my faculty supervisor or department administrator sign my timesheet.
3. I will turn in my signed timesheet to the Dean of Faculty office within 3 days of the end of my course.
4. I understand I will be paid on the monthly payroll cycle, which means if my course ends in February the payment is processed March 15th. If I turn in my timesheet late, I understand my payment will be made in the next pay cycle, April 15th.
5. If for any reason I start TAing later than the first day of the course, my payment will be prorated.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. 
The Dean of Faculty office is located on the second floor of the Dreier Building, room 232, across from the elevator.
MR 748
641-471-1161 or x1161
TA Hire & Payroll Paperwork    
Once the online TA Request Form By Faculty and the online TA Info Form have been filled out. The TA should contact Amellia and make an appointment to complete paperwork for hire. Appointments are generally available Monday - Friday 10:30-12:00 and 1:30-4:00.  We are located in the Dreier Building, 2nd floor, room 232, Dean of Faculty Office.
e: dof@mum.edu  t/f: 641-472-1161
The specific paperwork for hire changes depending if you have been a TA within the last year, not within the past year, or you have never been a TA before.
Please see the options below:
I have NOT been a TA at MUM before: >    
I have been a TA at MUM within the past year: >    
I have been a TA, but not within the last year: >    
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