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2014 Goals for Admissions    
Updated 2/25/14
Brad Mylett, Dean of Admissions

Increased Enrollment

Specific: We aim for at least a 25% increase in US undergraduate enrollment numbers for the August 2014 entry, as compared to August 2013. For US graduate students, our goal is to match our numbers from last August, taking into account the large number of non-standard MVS students who enrolled at that time. 
Measurable: We will continue generating monthly dials reports comparing our numbers to previous years, for inquiries, applicants, and accepted students.
Achievable: With improved marketing efforts this should be possible.
Results-Focused: One key Strategic Priority for the university is Expanded Enrollment, which this will contribute to.
Time-Bound: August 2014 entry 

New channels for inquiries
Specific: Generate inquiries through new channels including veterans’ networks; new TM.org portal geared towards experienced meditators; and new social media initiatives. We also hope to generate inquiries by having an MUM presence on as many international movement websites as possible.
Measurable: We expect veterans’ outreach to yield new prospective students within the next month; other initiatives I’m not entirely aware of the timeline, but they are geared towards the August 2014 entry. 
Achievable: These are untapped channels that we can make use of with our current resources.
Results-Focused: Broadening our market appeal will bring in more students.
Time-Bound: We expect to see results in the next couple months from veterans networks, social media, and online videos. With regard to presence on TM.org website, and international movement websites, we expect to achieve this starting in May 2014.

Tracking conversions from inquiry to enrollment
Establish better tracking for conversions from inquiry to enrollment, for all types of inquiry, as soon as we have enough data for this tracking to be meaningful. 
Measurable: Example of types of inquiry would be those who inquire through the “Contact Us” page of the website or landing pages (landing pages mimic our homepage but are geared towards specific themes such as “vegetarian”, “metaphysical”, etc). Other types of inquiries would be those who found us through Facebook or Youtube ads. 
Achievable: With our new analytical software and website platform, we can track visitors all the way.
Results-Focused: This tracking of inquiry to enrollment will help us to better allocate resources in the marketing department, for the purpose of maximizing enrollment and reducing cost where possible.
Time-Bound: We aim to start measuring conversions after August 2014 enrollment.

Tracking Visitor Weekend enrollment
Starting immediately, we plan to begin tracking the number of Visitors Weekend guests (from each weekend) who enrolled, and whether they enrolled in the entry following the weekend, two entries after, or beyond. We already know that Visitors Weekends are one of our most powerful tools in attracting new students, but it’s necessary to have data to measure the exact impact.
Measurable: Aside from measuring who enrolls, w
e can also measure any correlation between the enrollment data and the evaluation forms filled out by guests at each weekend; as well as the correlation of enrollment data to “mishaps” which occur occasionally on Visitors Weekends (and which could necessitate hiring of special security guards).
Achievable: This goal is very straightforward and highly achievable
Results-Focused: Obtaining this data will help us gain a more specific sense of how important Visitors Weekends are to attracting students, and thus allow us to alter our approach to the weekends if needed.
Time-Bound: This initiative will be launched immediately, and will obtain data within the next month.

International specific goals, for 2014:

Specific: Complete our International Admissions Wiki.
When it is finished it should provide new employees with all the knowledge and tools they need to do their job successfully 
Achievable: Yes, will be done with current resources.
Results-Focused: This will
 prevent the loss of knowledge resulting from turnover.
Time-Bound: Should be completed by August 2014.

Specific: Increase personal contact (by telephone) between applicant and counselor. 
Measurable: Average phone time spent between applicant and counselor will be monitored for all applicants.
Achievable: Yes.
We've read multiple articles that indicate one of the most important factors for international students in deciding what US institute to go to is personal contact with admission counselor and faculty.
Time-Bound: Should be impacting the August 2014 entry.
Specific: Update our visa preparation process by incorporating the information we gain from previous visa interviews' reports.
Measurable: We will have a new script for the mock interview that is used to prepare applicants for their visa interview at the US Embassy.
Achievable: This goal is definitely achievable as the feedback is there. We also plan on requesting visa interview reports from successful interviews as well rather than only from unsuccessful ones in order to be able to get even more data on what works and what does not work.
Results-Focused: This will further increase our visa success rates, which will increase our international enrollment numbers.
Time-Bound: We will be able to implement our new and improved strategy when we prepare our applicants for the Fall 2014 semester for their visa interview at the US Embassy
Dials for Admissions    
-  Monthly dials reports, reporting numbers for inquiries; applicants (paid and active); accepted students; goal for total accepted; goal for total enrollment; average GPA for undergraduate accepted; average GPA for graduate accepted. 
- Appropriate tracking to record number of inquiries through each channel (mass email campaigns, our website and landing pages, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube/video viewing)
- Calculating percentage of inquiries enrolled, through each channel 
- Calculating percentage of Visitors Weekends guests enrolled, per weekend
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