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We have multiple study abroad programs at MUM, and new ones are continually scheduled.
The Block System makes it easy for students to participate. Students can take as many study abroad courses as can fit into their course schedules.
Students at MUM have traveled to many corners of the world, including New Zealand, Australia, Hawaii, Southeast Asia, China, Tibet, Peru, Greece, India, Italy, Switzerland, South Africa, Canada, and more.

Samples of Study Abroad Courses Previously Offered

Digital Photography in Vancouver and the San Juan Islands
In this course students explored the bustling metropolitan culture of Vancouver, Canada, and the serene beauty of the San Juan Islands. They learned digital photography and how to capture the perfection of the arts and nature.

Sustainability and Gross National Happiness Leadership Adventure in Bhutan
A small group of adventurous students to joined us on an exploration of the deep connections between Bhutan’s development philosophy of Gross National Happiness and the Western sustainability movement.

Travel Writing and Photography in Italy and France
This course combined travel writing and travel photography with a tour of three of the most beautiful and inspiring European cities: Paris, Florence, and Rome. During the tour, students took photographs and kept a daily journal of all the places they visited, including famous sites and great art museums.

Digital Photography Rotating University in Peru
In this class, students explored and documented the culture and landscape of Peru through photographic documentation of a foreign country and culture, including sites such as Macchu Picchu. They also learned how to take photos for use in stock photography and other commercial photography venues.

Discovering Vedic India
This course was an introduction to Vedic India as described and explained by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. The students enjoyed a rich blend of travel, study of Maharishi Vedic Science, Sanskrit, and interaction with students and faculty from several Indian educational institutions. Other topics included history of Maharishi’s teachings in India, ancient Vedic civilization, the Vedic Pandit tradition, and the Maharishi Effect.

Leadership in Adventure Sport in Southeast Asia
In this traveling course, the students visited some of the scenic wonders and great cultural monuments of Southeast Asia, while enjoying the exotic cultures and customs of this region. Since this was a leadership training course, all students took an active part in leading the course. They traveled by a combination of bicycle, car, train, bus, and boat. Every 2–3 days we will they stopped for another adventure, such as surfing, snorkel diving, hiking, mountain biking, sea kayaking, and white-water kayaking/rafting.

Leadership in Adventure Sport in New Zealand
New Zealand was the setting of this leadership-training course, and follows the same format and activities as the Southeast Asia excursion above, except that New Zealand’s size made this trip a compact adventure lover’s paradise. The students traveled by bicycle as much as possible.

Discovering South Africa
This Rotating University course introduced the history, culture, and politics of South Africa, as well as the spectacular wildlife of the African bush. Students traveled as a group from Johannesburg to Drakensberg, Durban, Cape Town, and back to Johannesburg. In addition they spent ten days altogether studying the wildlife in Ezemvelo, a nature preserve, and Kruger park, a “big game” reserve.

Conceptions of the Good Life in Greek Thought
This course took place on the Greek mainland, the Greek islands, and a cruise ship on the Aegean Sea. It combined an introduction to Greek culture and history with a specific focus on virtue and the good life in Greek thought. Students toured the Parthenon in Athens, the Oracle at Delphi, the palaces of the Minoan civilization on Crete while having an opportunity to experience the charm of contemporary Greek towns and the beauty of Greek beaches. For four days, the course was on a cruise ship, which visited a number of famous Greek sites from antiquity.

Management for Sustainability in China and Tibet
This traveling course explored the developing economies of China and Tibet and how they deal with issues of globalization and sustainability. Using case studies and field experience, students learned how to apply the core principles of sustainability in agriculture, business, manufacturing, government and other activities, so that it is both profitable and benefits the environment. The course covered sustainability in all areas of society from both the local and global perspectives. Students also explored some of the booming cities and some of the most beautiful and ancient spiritual sites in these countries, including temples, parks and mountains.
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