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The Eastern Iowa Airport (CID) near Cedar Rapids, Iowa, approximately 1.5 hours away, is our nearest commonly used airport. The ground transportation fees vary but are approximately $90–$95 US from the airport to Fairfield.

From the Chicago International Airport, O’Hare, to Burlington, Iowa, Air Choice One ( offers a commuter flight for $45 USD. Burlington is a one hour drive away from Fairfield and the drivers charge around $70 USD.

Other airports are further away and more costly for ground transportation, although flights may be cheaper.

  • Des Moines International Airport (DSM) is about 2 hours away.
  • Quad Cities International Airport (MLI) in Moline is about 2 hours away.
  • The Chicago area airports are about 5 hours away.
  • Amtrak stops in Mt. Pleasant (nearest stop coming from Chicago) and in Ottumwa (nearest stop coming from the west).
  • There is a Trailways Bus station in Fairfield.
Drivers (Airport, Train Station, Local):
Drivers Contact Information  Reference Price
 Rod Falk  (641) 472-2069 or (641) 451-1146
 Cedar Rapids: $93
 Des Moines: $144      
 Burlington: $81 
 Wendi Vessey  (641) 919-1986
 Cedar Rapids: $95

 Mike Gautherat  (641) 919-8977
 Cedar Rapids: $95
 Des Moines: $145
 Burlington: $75 
 Manuel Coradin  (641) 209-2132
 Cedar Rapids: $95
 Des Moines: $135
 Burlington: $70 
 Ken Dubin
 (312) 399-8081
 Cedar Rapids: $90
 Des Moines: $135
 Burlington: $70 
 Patrick Piel  
 (Anywhere in USA - Anytime)
 (641) 451-1829  Cedar Rapids: $90
 Des Moines: $140
 Burlington: $65 
 Fairfield Airport Taxi
 Cedar Rapids: $95
 Des Moines: $135
 Iowa City/Burlington: $75
 Mt Pleasant/Ottumwa: $35
*The drivers above also provide discounts for multiple passangers, please contact the driver for details.

A ride board has been setup

Cars can be rented at Fesler’s Auto in Fairfield 641-745-7903

Taxicab service

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