Sunday, September 21, 2014
Hello, my name is Dara Llewellyn (the blogger)
Blogging. I write this blog Reflective Writing: Writing from Within [] for the University on an occasional basis (trying for weekly posts). The focus of the site is reflective writing. Reflection is fundamental to all writing. I tend to write about whatever is currently absorbing my attention in the areas of writing, consciousness, literature, movies, travel writing, etc. For example, I did a series of posts during a recent trip to India, which can be found on my site. I tend to find connections each week with the act of reflection. I welcome comments and would enjoy a dialogue with anyone interested in reflection or in any other of my posts. For more information about me, see below.
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How I Came to Blogging
BloggingI came to blogging blindly. The University invited faculty to start a blog site to share with students, and the idea appealed to me. Honestly though, I wasn't reading many blogs at the time (besides The Huffington Post).Anyway, I signed up. A banner was designed for me and I was told to begin, so I did. I wanted to write about reflective writing because reflection is the foundation of all writing—from poetry to scientific reports to advertising. Reflection puts us in touch with our own thoughts. So, that’s where I began—reflecting on reflection. A couple of years later, I’m still blogging, still enjoying it. Today I’m reflecting on what I’ve learned about blogging over the past two years and also on what I am still learning.
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